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I'm so sorry you had to be scared like that! I'm so glad you didn't have to worry for too long (although I'm sure every second was the longest you'd ever felt). And the helpless feeling I can relate to.

When I was 8 we moved to a new house. We had two cats at the time, Alex and Ben. Al was a pure Siamese and Ben a blue tabby. They had lived outdoors at our old house and we never had any trouble. But one morning Mom woke up and saw Benny fending off two or three dogs in the backyard. Ben was about 10 at this point, but tough as nails. Alex, however, was skiddish anyway and when Mom went outside Alex was gone.

We looked everywhere for DAYS. We combed the neighborhood and at one point Mom found a dead Siamese by a road going towards our old house. That was a bad moment. But Alex had been declawed in the front and so Mom checked this dead cat. He still had his claws, so we knew it wasn't Alex.

A WEEK later we were out walking our dog and we talked as we went. We came around a corner on a deadend road by a little grove of trees. All of a sudden we heard the unusual Siamese meow coming from the wood. Alex reappeared! Mom and I just cried for hours, we were so happy. Alex and Ben have since gone to the bridge from old age, but it was always such a relief that they got to be at home to go.

I'm so happy your baby came home. In fact, give him a hug from me. As I read your first post I wanted to cry, I felt your anxiety and sadness. I was really happy to read he had come home.
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