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Cat Movies List

Below is a list of movies whose titles relate in some way to cats, along with how they relate.

Kitties at play in the night: "The Charge of the Light Brigade", "Where the Buffalo Roam"

Get off the counter! Don't eat the plants! ... : "The Ten Commandments"

Kitty outside: "Bye-Bye Birdie", "Predator"

Let me in *NOW*: "Singing in the Rain", "The Howling"

You can't stop me from getting out!: "The Great Escape"

Lap cat's movie: "Sleeper"

Hero, my cat, is fat: "Hero at Large"

Obsessed cat at play: "She's Gotta Have It", "Obsession"

My dish is empty--again!: "The Hunger"

Cat's eyes at night: "The Shining"

Exploring Fluffy's mind: "2001: A Space Odyssey"

Cat behaves angelically, always: "The Cat from Outer Space"

Here comes the Doberman!: "Clear and Present Danger"

Kitty jumping onto wood heater or stove: "Mrs Doubtfire", "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"

Kitty in the bath: "Splash"

Kitty walking amongst crockery: "Shattered"

Kitty licking her lips while sitting in bassinet: "Whatever happened to Baby Jane" (yeah I know that's sick)

Kitty climbing up tree or swinging on curtains: "Tarzan of the Jungle"

Kitty chasing food around floor: "Meatballs"

Kitty going crazy chasing moths/anything/nothing: "Psycho"

Kitty sneaking into my car to sleep: "A Streetcar named Desire"
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