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? of when getting another cat

I lost my beloved Geets in August. I 'm considering volunterring til i save up the money to get a cat. This is the second time in my whole life i never had a cat. I spoil my neighbor's cat GG. She just loves me.

I want a cat that is at least a year to see his/her personality. I want a love bug. I want a cat that's loves to be held and kissed and let's me dress him/her for halloween and christmas. I want one that greets me at the door. I guess i'm saying i want one that is perfect for me but i know that is not reality. I feel alone without a cat.

What bugs me is that people say i shouldn't get a cat if i can't afford one. If that was the case many cats would never have a home. I was lucky with Razzle and Geets that they didn't have many problems until they got kidney disease. I just can't imagine my life without a cat. It's so hard to come home and not have a cat greet me at the door.

I've always gotten black cats. I don't know why but i'm drawn to them since i was a teenager. Everyone wants me to take their cat if they die because they see how i pay attention to cats. I guess because i pay attention to them-playing, kissing, holding.

This will probably be my last cat since i'm almost 60. I live alone so a cat is a must

I miss my Geets and Razzle. I wish they would come back to me as kittens. I had a dream that i woke up to something rubbing against me. I just knew it was Geets. I rubbed his body and felt a purr


Razzle and Geets-they left paw prints on my heart. Love you, love you always.
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