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What about becoming a pet sitter? Get references from GG's owner and the like, etc. It would provide actual additional income for you, but may require a bit of traveling to other people's homes. Just an idea anyway...

From my standpoint, I wouldn't risk adopting ANY pet if I didn't have enough finances to spare because it would simply be MY luck where something goes awry and I'll be stuck in a very bad situation, which would kill me MORE if it only shortens the life of a beloved feline! I think I'd just stick to giving lovings to my friend's kitty if I missed having my own cat, though.

Fostering could work, but from what I gather, it seems foster catmoms and catdads are shelling out their own $$$ too, since foster parents are always in short supply and some cat shelters simply don't have the capacity to supply enough items at times. Perhaps it's just in my area only, though? I have no real foster experience, but it doesn't hurt to find out for yourself what fostering really entails.
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