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Re: My fav subject

Originally Posted by buster's owner
HVAC systems (like airplanes) are (1) designed by people with PH'Ds, (2) built by people with Masters, (3) Installed by people with MAYBE some college, and finally (4) serviced by HS dropouts!
This is really pretty funny and a little too close to the mark. Except for the airplane analogy. Aircraft mechanics are required to be rigourously trained, apprenticed and/or supervised, and tested before being licensed.
The FAA requires at least 18 months of work experience for an airframe, powerplant, or avionics repairer’s certificate. For a combined A & P certificate, at least 30 months of experience working with both engines and airframes is required. Completion of a program at an FAA-certified mechanic school can substitute for the work experience requirement. Applicants for all certificates also must pass written and oral tests and demonstrate that they can do the work authorized by the certificate. To obtain an inspector’s authorization, a mechanic must have held an A & P certificate for at least 3 years. Most airlines require that mechanics have a high school diploma and an A & P certificate.
From here:

I have great respect for A&Ps.

Don't worry, folks, your airplanes are in good hands.

Apologies for going off topic. Just felt compelled to defend a profession of some interest to me
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