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Originally Posted by Cassandra
why not casually date both of them for a little while, maybe two dates or so, then make a choice
It is not always that simple. It may often take more than two dates to find out if you truly like a person or not.

Now this is from a man's perspective. If I am torn between two women, this is how I know which is right for me. Woman A will want to have sex on the first date or so. Woman B is coming off a bad relationship and does not wish to get intimate with any guy for the time being. Yet I would much rather be with Woman B. So if a guy would much rather spend time with a woman who is not ready vs one that will sleep with them after one date, then it is obvious who a man TRULY cares about here. And it is THAT woman who he should choose. After all, it is a case of personality and woman B has the right personality for me.

So in your case, how does their personality stack up? Who do you laugh with the most? Which one do you think about the most? Who makes you feel most at ease? Who is easier to talk to? If both were standing next to each other, who would you go to?

But as others have said, merely follow your heart.
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