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I had a bout of sciatica back in May of 2005. It was downright horrible! If I was in any other position besides standing straight up or laying perfectly flat, I was in pain. Merely rolling out of bed was painful. Try driving a standard shift with sciatica!!!!!

Now what was given to me was a painkiller along with a muscle relaxer. And trust me, I wanted to take my pills because I could not stand it! But one thing my doctor (my primary care physician is a DO, or osteopath, rather than an MD) suggested was to apply both heat and ice at the very base of the spine, just above the buttocks. That along with my meds made a difference. It flared up on Thursday early in the morning and by Sunday night/early Monday morning, I was able to get a full night's sleep w/o being awakened from the pain. However, for me, the pain ran from the buttocks to a couple inches below the knee. How far does your pain run? Once the sciatica pain let up, I went back to my doctor for followup. He set me on the table sideways and did some chiropractic techniques to help line up and center my two legs with my spine. So far, no recurrances.

If I may ask, do you carry anything in your back pockets? My doctor was guessing that with my carrying my wallet in my back pocket and driving a forklift may have been enough to trigger the sciatic nerve irritation. Indeed where the bottom of my wallet was in my pocket was where the pain started. I now carry my wallet in my front pockets or my coat at all times. Anybody that has operated a forklift knows what a rough ride they are and the bouncing most likely caused the wallet to jab into my buttock enough to trigger this.
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