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Thanks again everyone, for your kind words and sympathy.

Tuesday, when I thought of her, the image that came to mind was of her in mid-flight. She was a perfectly centered arc in the middle of the image, heading to some place to the right. It was weirdly soothing, as if she were letting me know that she was free, and I was so happy to think of her as being happy, and running and jumping again, without pain. That same image has been with me all week. Last night, she was no longer centered but closer to the right side. Today, she's almost at that side.

I was told that her ashes will probably be returned to the vet on Monday. I am teaching my last class (ever!) on Monday evening, so I'll probably go pick them up on Tuesday afternoon. I'm not sure whether the image will change before then. But I agree Sharon - although I'm dreading it, I also really want to have her here at home with me.

I must have forgotten that Grandma Callie had CKD. I just remember that she needed all of her teeth extracted. I hope Miss Peaches is doing ok and isn't showing any symptoms. Wow, I wouldn't wish a CKD kitty on anyone.
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