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Changing food - diarrhea

Please I need some advice!
My cat Joey has been scratching like crazy ever since we go him in August 2018. I think he did it even before we got him. He mostly catches behind his ears, under the chin, above eyes and around his whisker-area.
We've been to the vet about this problem about 4 times now and he doesn't have lice or fleas, his ears look healthy, his skin and coat as well.
The vet suggested Ensyl-f for herpes, but we ended up only halfway through (about 2weeks)ecause he started getting diarrhea.
The last time he suggested maybe trying hypoallergenic food and cutting out chicken. He's been on Meowingheads chicken since we got him. I bought Farmina's Vet Life Ultra Hypo.
And.. I didn't switch over to the new food properly, slowly.. Instead just gave him the new food alltogether today 😞 I just had in mind that the chicken could be causing him problems so I kindof didn't want to feed him food that might be causing him problems anymore, if you know what I mean.. The vet didn't specifically say to do it gradually anyway, so this is how it ended up..
He had semi-diarrhea (not completely runny, but pastey..) tonight around 4am so I had to give him a bath because he got it allover his coat 😞 and I took the food away, leaving him only with water bowl for now.

What should I do? Should I feed him 50/50 now that he's already eaten 100% new food all day, or will it make it worse now? How gradually should I increase the ratio of new food?..
Also... Could fish be the cause of this? Since Ensyl-f and Vet Life Hypo Ultra both contain only fish?

Thank you for any advice in advance!
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