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Another update, still struggling...

So the last time we took our time and gradually changed meowing heads chicken to farmina ultra hypo. And even though we did this in a course of 21 days, he still ended up getting diarrhea!
Once we hit the mixture of about 15:85 (old:new) he got runny again 😞.. He was on 100% farmina for 3 or 4 days, but because his diarrhea wasn't getting better, I switched back to meowing heads and his digestion went back to normal straight away.

The frustrating thing about all of this is that if he's on meowing heads chicken, his digestive is fine, but he scratches like crazy! And if we have him on farmina hypo(fish), his scratching subsides but he has diarrhea 😞

What should I do? Should I try another brand of hypoallergenic product that doesn't contain chicken?
Does anyone have any suggestions?
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