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I think they're showing curiosity about each other since there was no hissing or growling, and the new cat's meow was a friendly "Hi there!"
You're heading in the right direction, and it's time to try and get them closer together, by feeding them within view of each other---no free feeding---but give them meals 2-3 times a day. Feed them at the same time until you can get them as close as possible. Give them exercise with a wand type of toy, like "Da Bird", that has feathers on the end, preferably before their meal, so they come to associate this playing and feeding a happy activity. When they seem to be comfortable with this, you can try and take them to a neutral room, and try and play with them both and then feed them somewhat farther apart than they're used to. Don't let one overtake eating the other's food---sometimes a piggy will eat fast and just barge in and gobble up another's food. I would discourage that, or remove piggy-cat somewhere else until the other has eaten as much as it wants. Don't leave any uneaten food down, or a piggy-cat will soon become an obese cat, which isn't good for its health. Have fun, and all the best!

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