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Cat meowing a lot

Got him from a friend of my dad, he was a stray that walked into his house and stayed there. Loves attention, between 6-8 years old, is a Tuxedo cat, male. Had him since October 2018, used to hide all the time for months, now he does not really hide anymore he lays down, he's now slow going down the stairs unless it's his time to get treats or some water from the sink. He used to always lay in the basement with my dad, now he's always upstairs on the couch and meows at me SO MUCH and just brings me to his food so he eats or to lay on his side for pets. Sometimes he walks to my room and meows and rubs his face, sometimes he just meows from far away rooms, sometimes his meows sound really really sad. He eats lots still, plays anytime I am with him and have "da bird" or his little mouse and loves the cat nip. Sometimes his paws shake when he purrs. Sleeps with my dad upstairs. Does not poop much these days, pees fine and he's been fixed...whoever owned him before fixed him. Does not drink much water these days either, he's just kinda "there" now when he's not meowing at me. Does not even hide like I said, just lays on the couch or goes to the open window I open for him...he's an inside cat.

Took him to the vets in November and he got a shot for his health good for 2 years and found out he's allergic to fleas but he's got none right now. Sometimes when I bring him to get water from bathroom sink he jumps down after and a minute later he walks fast back for more water. He has a bowl with lots of water I refill and always keep his bowl of dry food and lately some wetfood in the other dish. His legs both seems to feel like it has less muscle in it but could be just me.

Does this seem like a cat in pain or just getting old?
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