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Hello. I have had two female cats for around 2.5 years (The older one is 5 and the younger one is 3) and recently decided to get a third cat because I was worried if something happened to one of the cats, the other would be alone.

Anyway, Wes is a male. He had no problem coming in and is basically that obnoxious house guest who comes in, eats all your food and sleeps on your couch and is a friend to everyone. The girls were obviously upset at first, but after a few weeks, they've grown to at least tolerate him. They no longer hiss at him, and my younger cat has even taken to seeking him out when she can't find him.

The two girls no longer play like they once did, which I was expecting because they're obviously not happy that this intruder is in their midst. They used to chase each other all over the house and as recently as last week I heard them upstairs chasing each other like two buffaloes.

However, it's almost like the older female (5) is depressed. She doesn't play like she once did, and sometimes I worry that she is actually hurt. The only thing that makes me think she isn't hurt is that she still eats and drinks and can take the stairs no problem. However, she seems like she's stiff when she stands up and almost like she moves gingerly. I don't know what to do. The girls have their own room upstairs. Actually, they have the entire upstairs because it's too hot up there for me, but they love it. Anyway, the only time Kawnu comes downstairs is to beg me for chicken when I'm eating dinner. She doesn't even come downstairs to get on the window perch anymore.

Is it normal for a cat to be upset when a new cat comes in and stop playing?

Or am I just a crazy cat parent?

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