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Still not even acquaintances!

Until last year I had 2 cats. Betty was a 8 yr old and Isis was 6. Both black, short hair domestic. Betty dominant since she was really the one who adopted Isis. I was close to Betty who I now realize more matches my temperament. Isis and I were never really close since she was not affectionate.

Betty had a short bout with an aggressive oral cancer and she was gone. After 6 years it was now just me and Isis. Now she became so clingy, constantly meowing, and always wanting to be close in ways that don’t work for me. She’s on my keyboard when I type, rubbing on my journal or pen when I write, sitting on my project when I crochet or trying to sit on the tray when I bead. I’ll give her the rest of my bed but not my pillow! The constant meowing. No. She’s not sick.

I thought maybe another cat to play with would help. Brought in Camille, set up a gate of wire shelving and followed all the steps to introduce cats. Camille is also black short hair domestic and timid. She was eager to meet Isis but after a month is just letting us pet her but keeping a distance. Little closer each week. Isis is now looking for every and any opportunity to attack Camille and screaming more than ever.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get back to a harmonious home? My place is small and the gate is a pain. I know I sound like a bad mom but some days I wish I could just rehome them both!
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