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Sounds to me that since Isis had you all to herself, but with the addition of Camille that really raised her jealousy, and doesn't want her to share in your attention and affection to her. I really think Isis wants to be your only cat. You didn't mention from where you got Camille?
Is it possible to send her back? As to Isis being a "bother" in your activities, you likely need to play with her more on a regular basis. If you're doing work that involves accuracy, try giving her a hard play period before you start your activity. Get her running around after a wand toy, or use one of those toys that she can push a ball around in the toy, but the ball doesn't come out. Turn on a nature channel, or acquarium channel to watch some fish, or get a small acquarium with a couple of gold fish in it. Have a cat tree near a window, so she can look out if that's possible. Take her for short strolls in a pet stroller (the kind where she woud be enclosed by netting). Try and have cuddle times with her at a certain time, say when you watch TV. Most animals, including cats, like a at the same time of day (so no free feeding), a special playtime with you with a wand toy, say before a meal. My Devons can be bothersome at times, when I'm on the computer, but they know that they have to sit beside it or in my lap or behind me on the chair, and if they walk on the keyboard, they know they will be removed from the room, and the door will close. It may take a while for Isis to catch on, but she will eventually. It's a matter of training, and rewarding when she is behaving well---with a treat or cheek scrunches and kind words. If you can't part with Camille, then try and involve them on either side of the gate to feel that good things happen when they come together. Feed them their meals gradually moving their food closer to the gate until they can eat peaceably closely on either side of the gate without Isis wanting to attack. Feed them treats at the gate and reward for good friendly behavior with kind sing song words like "Good girls!". Play with a wand toy and flip it over the gate from one cat to another. When things are going well and Isis is more interested in the treats, toy, meals than in attacking Camille, then you can try and feed them in the same room. Isis may get over her jealousy, but with animals there are no guarantees.....sometimes a cat will just detest another. All the best!

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