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I apologize to the forum that my post came out so frustrated. I believe having a pet is a lifetime commitment. Mine is the only home Isis has ever known. I would never re-home her even if she is a pain. There are so many animals who need homes. I believed that having lived with other cats for the majority of her life, Isis would adjust to another cat. Camille is beautiful, coming out of her timidity and I wish that they could cohabitate. If anything Camille would have to back to the organization I adopted her from. I hate to see her going back into a cage but that would be the choice ó if I could get her back into the carrier!
What I really was looking for was suggestions on how to make this work. Itís been just over a month. Am I being too impatient? Iíll continue to try getting them both to play when in sight of each other. Isis still keeps a laser focus on Camille instead of her favorite ó the laser.
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