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UPDATE: Still not even acquaintances!

Another month has gone by and I’m still living in the war zone. Camiel is so afraid of Isis that just the sight of her sends Camiel running. Isis is still in predator mode. When she sees Camiel she just meows as if to say, “Why is she still here?”
I tried to rehome Camiel but we could not get her into the carrier. This was after using the diffuser and a spray as well as calming treats. It was comical that a small cat could outrun and outwit 2adults. The girl who wanted her came and Camiel wouldn’t even come out for pets or treats. For a day or so she wouldn’t come near me but she will come out when I call her. She’s still timid but likes to be around me. She’ll let me pet her but not pick her up (which I’m not trying since the rehoming fiasco)
I just take turns letting them out and of course Isis maintains her spaces on my bed and on the window seat in my room.
Any more suggestions?
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