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How often do kittens change their behaviors toward us?
I have a kitten who LOVED rubbing on me. Would cuddle, lay on my chest, head butt me... now, she doesn't really do any of that anymore. She at times will lay next to me in bed, but not often.
She does greet me with her tail up, and will rub on my legs, and at times, once in a blue moon, she will rub her head against mine. Do you think she will go back to being affectionate like how she was? Nothing happened as far as I know that would make her change the way she views me. As far as i know anyway..
I have two other kittens who also changed, but they changed from being more standoffish, to now smothering me lol

My distant girl is my favorite though, and I wish she was as lovey as she used to be. I'll still love her no matter what though!
I'd attach a pic but it won't let me.. 💖
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