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How do you choose the vet?

As Ola and Ortiz have came for over one month, I would like to take them to the vet for a not so traumatiz visit. I've never used any vet in this country. Through research I found there is one holistic vet looking good in the area, which is an all pet vet. I also find another vet in the area, which is a Feline only vet.

Ola and Ortiz are healthy kittens. I just want to do a thourough consultation to see how I shall schedule the comming vaccine/ rabies and their diet plan. And maybe some small questions as I am a newbie to cats.

I think they will like a no dog enviornment but some nutrition consultation is also the purpose of the visit. What will make your decision?
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I like a vet who is willing to listen to me and my concerns and will then talk to me in terminology I can understand and apply to my pet.
I also prefer vets to be CLOSE to where I live as I do NOT like to transport my kitties any longer than necessary. I have also learned to LOCATE (with driving directions) the emergency vet before you need them.

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You could maybe give a call to a few shelters/rescues around where you live, and ask them for a recommandation. If several of them praise the same vet, it may be a good place to start.
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I've taken my cats to probably a dozen different vet offices in this tri-state area over the years. The office I use now I chose for various reasons. They have 4 vets and are willing to consult each other when unsure of a diagnosis. That also means that (especially in an emergency) I don't have to deal with what it seems so many others have to --- Dr So-and-so is out of the office for so many days....or weeks. Two of the vets there (the ones I specifically ask for when making a non-emergency appointment) are willing to think "outside the box" and that's very important to me, since it almost always seems like my cat will have a problem that's nowhere near "the box". They also do in-house diagnostics like blood work, and can do heart monitoring and ultrasound.

But the MAIN reason I chose them is that they were one of I think only two offices who did 24-hour emergencies. (none of them do now.) But they just dropped that a couple months ago. Now I'm really bummed. For emergencies I want to take my kids to someone who knows their histories and I might want to stay with them or at least visit when they are in intensive care. The office still has 24-hour care and I can visit at any hour I want, but no vets on emergency call. And the Animal Urgent Care emergency clinic is useless and has mis-diagnosed two of my cats, even resulting in the early death of one.

Now I don't know what to do. This place is still (so far) on top of my list, but it scares me that I might (face it, I will) have to go to Animal Urgent Care some day again.

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If you're looking for a nutritional consultation, then I would suggest looking around for a vet that is actually a nutritionist. A holistic vet will also probably know quite a bit about food.

Your average vet, although they may be wonderful at treating the sick, doesn't usually know much about food. Most will be quick to recommend something like dry Science Diet, Iams or Eukanuba, and those really aren't very good foods.

If it were me, I'd choose a vet that I am comfortable with, that is thorough with their exams, treats the animals well and seems to give their clients personal attention. I've been to some vet clinics that felt like we were part of an assembly line... they just got them in and out as fast as they could. I didn't like that.
And unless I had a cat that had a medical condition that required a special diet, I would do my own research on nutrition and not rely on the vet for that information.
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I love the vet I have now. A friend of mine recommended her when I got my sheltie earlier this year, and said that she really gave her alot of personal attention. The office also happens to be five minutes from my house. She does spend alot of time with us when we are there and seems to really love animals. The office also gave us these card thingies, like insurance cards but not, with pics of each animal and a scanner bar. If we go to the emergency vet, they can scan the card and get a complete medical history on our animals. I had never seen that before and thought it was cool.

I did my own research on food recently, though I admit I am using the free bag of Science Diet they gave me for Muffin.
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I have two vet surgeries near me. The one furthest away is where Toby has been going so far. Its a 'cat specialist' surgery (hence why I chose it over the other one) - although they do treat all animals - and its supposed to be 'holistic' in nature (yeah, right). Its fine when I get to see the vet I like - although the new guy I saw last time seemed pretty decent too actually. Its just the 'head vet' that drives me nuts.
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I use 2 vets, I take Buddy and Willie to the vets office and I have a vet who strictly makes house calls for Miss Chloe. The house call vet is strictly feline. Wild and Domestic. I like him better than the traditional vet because he is more educated with felines but my other vet is great as well just not as versed on felines.
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I really like my feline - only vet office. They have multiple vets who all cover for one another for urgent matters. I also like the miltuple vet concept because if my primary vet leaves the practice I can trust the office to screen any new vets they accept into the practice. The office will also have all my kitties medical records no matter which vet they saw.

I really like the feline only concept because the offices are much calmer then those that also see dogs. I've got mothing against dogs but I think my cats tolerate vet visits better with there are no dogs around.

But, I'm lucky, my feline only vet is only 15 minutes away. If it was an hours drive, I would probably reconsider.
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I heard several good things about my vet before I went there. He specializes in small and exotic animals, which is why I picked him. Before I had cats, I had guinea pigs. And now, in addition to the cats, I have a bearded dragon. He's also very good with my cats though. He's aware not everyone can fork over large amounts of cash for the vet bill, so he tries to give us a cheaper alternative to something else. He's also the only place I will take my cats to to be spayed or neutered. I took a former cat of mine, Maynard, to somewhere else, and I seriously don't think he took "everything." 'Cause a few months later..Maynard was spraying everywhere. Actually spraying. So, I had to give him up. So from then on, to Spindell's office they went. This vet office also has atleast two vets. I know of two, perhaps they've added more lately. Although, the only one I see is Spindell. The other isn't nice, and she does more expensive things. Typically, she'll pick the most expensive, and do that.

Which, I have a question, if a cat had been tested as negative and vaccinated for feline it possible for him to get it even after the vaccine?
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