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Moving - any tips?

I'm not sure what to look at about this topic. Any help would be appreciated!

Hubby and I bought our first house. We are closing tomorrow on it, and we have a good month and a half to move in. I am curious as to how to get Andi to be "okay" with the move. Should I let her stay in just room while we are moving or should we move her last? I'm nervous because I know she'll think something is up when we start moving all the furniture out and I don't want that to stress her out. But also if we move her to an unfamiliar room, it might stress her out still.

Any ideas how to make our move a little smoother? The place we are moving to is 30 minutes away. We are especially excited for her because this place is bigger than where we are living in right now and it has a basement. (This means she'll be able to run freely instead of sprint and run into a wall like she's doing in our apartment now lol!)
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Congrats on your new house!

If it were me, I would keep Andi confined to one room while you move stuff over to the new place.

She'll sense something is up and you want to make sure she doesn't freak out and dart out the door when you're moving stuff.

Then I'd suggest getting a room semi set up with some of your furniture and familiar items in the new place, and confine her to that room for a while.
I would advise against just moving her in and letting her have roam over the whole place. Most cats are unsettled by a move to a new place and will spend some time hiding for a couple days if they are allowed free roam. It would help if you introduce her to your new house in sort of the same way that you'd introduce a brand new cat. Keep her confined to one room until she's feeling comfortable, and then gradually let her have a bigger area. She will feel more at ease this way.
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Would a baby gate work in the case of confining a cat into an area? Our basement stairs don't have a door so it would be hard to confine her to just the upstairs. Any ideas on that? I love the idea of introducing the house little by little, until it is gradually the whole thing, but I don't know how to stop her from entering an area that she is completely unfamiliar with and stressing her out.

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A baby gate won't work. Most cats can easily jump over one.
Just keeping her confined to a bedroom for a few days might be enough to get her settled in if you can't gradually give her more area. Hopefully she'll be comfortable enough with her new surroundings that she can explore at her own pace and won't be too overwhelmed.
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Tom Cat
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Congradulations on yur new house.

You can try Feliway, while you a moving furniture where you are now and at your new house

Also you should bring most of you cats toys and bedding, litter box and stuff to the new house and spread them around before you let the cat out. I don't know how prone to stress you cat is, but you might want to bring her over to the new house during the month and a half for visits, to become familiar with the new surroundings.

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Congrats on the house!

We've moved several times with our cats before buying a house.
They have been very laid-back cats, so I don't know if that is why, but they have never exhibited problems during moving.

I think we've always moved them last. We would get one room emptied first by the movers, then put them in that room.

They've always been happy to explore right away, but they had each other for company. Maybe they were just used to moving, I dunno.

Oh, and re: the basement. We put in a kitty door, and it is the perfect place for them to escape from my sometimes crazy toddler and too-curious children visitors. They get so much exercise from running up and down all the stairs since they have access to 3 floors.

Good luck on the move!
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Thanks guys! We closed yesterday so we are very very excited to start cleaning the place up and getting it ready to move in.

Andi, the kitty in question, is a very laid back kitty. She is very trusting and she seems okay with wherever she goes. We took her to my husband's parents place to visit for a day and she immediately fit in. I'm just worried that now she is a little older and more used to our apartment (she's a little over a year) that she might have some stress issues on moving to a new layout. She's typically easy to travel with (minus the million loud meows she does on the drive over). I might look into Feliway for the drive (she typically will not stop meowing the whole time).

Thanks guys for the suggestions! I hope everything will go smoothly. I'll keep checking back in case more suggestions pop up here and there. We probably won't be starting to physically move stuff over until we get the place cleaned up so we have time to think about our plan of action.
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I know, old topic. I just wanted to update you all.

We took Andi over to the house a couple times before moving in. First time she was hesitant in exploring, but by the time we left she didn't want to go! She had explored almost every possible inch of the place, coming back with dustballs on her whiskers and wanting more. The second time we visited, we were there almost the whole day. She would run around the basement and meow very loudly down there. (was she singing and listening to the echo? One may never know!)

Both times she came home pooped out!

Now that we have moved over here completely, she LOVES it here! She loves running in the basement. It's gotten to the point where she'll race us down there and then "hide" from us underneath some of the furniture down there. Today she tried racing me back up and almost tripped me going up the stairs. It scared the crap out of me (man it'd suck to break an arm because Andi tripped me) but after being angry for a couple minutes I realized she was just trying to share her joy of all this running space.

She used to have huge ledges to sit on by the windows and watch the local wildlife. We are going to make a shelf for her to sit on ,but for now she has gotten used to sitting on the tiny window ledges here and pressing her nose up against the window. It's gotten to the point almost every room has what we affectionately call "Andi-snot" on the window. We have to clean our windows constantly so it doesn't show up real bad lol!

This morning, she was in the window making strange noises. The birds were chirping REALLY loudly and she was in there making the strangest of noises! It was probably about 4:30-5 am when she was making these noises. It amused me a lot!

She's been so much happier since we've moved. She's become much more affectionate (nipping me gently and wanting pets) and she has become a lot more playful, running around.

In fact, she has a new woobie. When she was young, she killed the crud out of a toy mouse/scratching pad combo we bought her. She ripped the fur off the mouse and would carry it around everywhere in her mouth. We called it her "woobie" (long story on why we call it a woobie)

Well, we eventually threw that fur out. When we moved, we put all our christmas stuff downstairs. (Do you see where this is going?) One night, my husband wakes up and goes "Oh my god."

And I was like "What ?? what what??" Thinking a burglar or something came in the house or something. No. He just replies "It's christmas already!"

Andi had gone in the basement and dug out the tree skirt, brought it all the way upstairs, and jumped on the bed with it wanting to play.

She has done that every time we get the tree skirt put away. She'll drag it back out and upstairs, wanting to play with it.

Yup, I think she's gotten used to the place and is quite happy to call it HER castle. In fact, the mat outside our door has huge slashes in it and underneath the slashes it says "Beware of Cat"


Just wanted to update y'all!

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when we moved from Ohio to Florida the cats hated being in the car but were not stressed out at all when they got to their new home. They just hated the long ride so hopefully you do not have a long trip to make. congrats on the new house
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Congratulations on moving into your new home Sorry I didn't see this thread earlier, I have been away from the forum myself for a little while as I just literally moved two weekends ago and things have been pretty chaotic as I am sure you appreciate!

I moved Toby and Willow almost immediately, got the kitchen set up with their toys, food, litter box and a new climbing frame and left my Mum unpacking kitchen boxes with them whilst we got all the other boxes and furniture moved. They were very curious about what was going on but didn't seem to be to stressed. After all the workmen (dad, brother and friends!) left I let them to explore the house at their leisure and they absolutely loved it. Two weeks later and they are still having a grand old time finding new places to climb, explore and play hide and seek in. Like you I have moved into a much bigger place and I think by all the cuddles I am getting that they appreciate that
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