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Cat Moms that work - how do you do it?

I'm a teacher and I've had a second job for the last year. I adopted Chloe in April, towards the end of the school year and worked roughly seven hours every day (including weekends) .

Chloe over the last two months and has been peeing everywhere in my apartment. I am pretty sure it's because I am working more now that it's summer and because I gave my other cat away since he was nasty to Chloe.

I am currently retraining Chloe to use the litterbox via the "lock her in until she uses it method" that I was recommended in the behavior forum.

How do working Cat Moms ensure that their cats feel loved and attended to even though they are gone a good six hours a day? Should I adopt another cat to help Chloe?

I feel guilty about working so much but do need the income. Is there a good way to keep everything balanced?

Any ideas that you all might have?
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I dunno . . .I think it depends on the cats. We've always had 2+ cats, so maybe that helps, and they are very laid-back. Change does not seem to phase them. I've had years where I was gone for longer than that daily and the cats had no issues.

I'd get another cat if she likes cats . . .but maybe have the pee issue resolved first.
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I honestly do find it a little difficult to spend quality time with each cat. I hold down a somewhat full time job, and hubby does 10 hrs a day, 4 days a week. I have 5 cats of my own, and at any given time, upwards of 6 kittens to socialize/foster.

My 2 yr old feral Silkie, has taken to staying downstairs with Don's son and girlfriend more, as they are there more often that us... and she get's some good loving times from them!! However, I find her pulling away from me a little, and I know it's because I just find it hard to find the time for them all. I do alot of volunteer work for my organization as well.. Having said all this, I do try to give them as much as I can... and I love each of them so very much. I'm lucky also, that hubby pitches in alot and so does his son in looking after all the litterboxes for me!!
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Hmmm ....

Toby is an only cat and I have (and still am) toying with the idea of getting him a playmate for when I am at work. I have a tendency to work long hours in the week and Toby is often left on his own for up to ten hours at a time.

He gets LOTS of love in the evenings and weekends and I always pet him for a good 30 minutes or so before I leave for work in the morning. But - you know - cats are essentially solitary animals - some do like the company of other cats - but i don't think any cat minds being on its own and they will adjust to your lifestyle. Toby sleeps for much of the day and is at his most active in the evenings and the early morning - when he knows that he has company.

He seems happy and content so thats good enough for me. . THe jury is still out though on the possibility of a playmate. Oh ... how I would ADORE a kitten. Ahem.
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I have 9 cats in the house and when they want my attention, they let me know! Not all want to be loved on at the same time, so the kitties are usually able to find their own love-times with me whenever they want.

I was watching a TV movie last night and Hubby came through the LR to the kitchen and he commented on my "cat blanket". I had Marmy sprawled across my chest/shoulders with my chin resting on him, Shadow snuggled at my left hip, Silver-Mousie beside my right thigh, Malibu on my lap, Shasta on my legs and Squirrely-Jo next to my legs.
They sure kept me warm!

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You bring up something that I think about all the time, which is the slight guilt I feel for leaving Rookie home alone during the day. At one point we did get a second cat to "keep her company," and wow, was that a mistake. She HATED the new cat and things were so tense that we eventually took the second one (a real lovebug) back to the shelter. What I learned was that, at least in Rookie's case, a second cat isn't a welcome playmate; it's an INTRUDER!! In the meantime, there's really isn't any indication that she isn't okay by herself during the day.

Holly and Murphy
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Hrm. Chloe was very social and very sweet with Duncan, before he became psychotic. I don't know. I should probably solve her peeing issue before anything else. I just feel awful right now since she's locked in the bathroom with her litter and toys. Thankfully, it's a room where I know she'll get regular company.
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I'm amazed at how much time they spend sleeping. When I am at home all day on Sat and Sun, the cats don't do much of anything. In fact, sometimes they sleep upstairs while I'm downstairs! I don't think they mind being alone a certain amount of every day. If I'm not home before 9:00 pm, I hear about it though.
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I've never had a problem with my cat using the litter box. I was always told that if cats don't like the litter box, its usually because they have issues about being declawed OR they are sick.

My suggestion is just to keep it in an obvious place, or maybe you even need to add an extra litter box to your apartment or house so that she has an easier time finding it when she needs to go.

Also, you maybe could also spend some extra intense play time with her in the evening. Sometimes, its' not about being home with an animal all the time, but spending quality time with that animal when you are home.

Me and my bf work all day, and we have a cat and a dog. However, we don't have children and are able to spend time wearing out our animals.

If you have currently done all of these things, then I am all out of helpful advice. Maybe some cats are just like that.
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In articles I've read recently about cat behavior, it is stressed that cats aren't like people, we project a lot of our emotions and feelings onto them. They don't necessarily get lonely. Cinderella sleeps most of the time, even on the weekends. I got Cleo thinking maybe she'd play more and have a friend, but when I come home from work, I'm still pretty much waking Cinderella up. I think she would have preferred being an only cat.

Cleo, on the other hand, is so full of energy and playful that it makes me a little sad that she doesn't have playmates.

I think Toby is more sedentary like Cinderella, but they can give you an "Oh, please don't go" look when you're leaving for work that just breaks your heart. That doesn't necessary mean they want another cat, they just don't want you to go.

Cali, Cinderella, Cleo and Charlee

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