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Cassie attacked me realy bad :(

Im really upset right now.
Cassie was lying on the loung, i came and sat next to her while i was talking to Mum. I gave her a little scratch on the head which made her start purring, i then put my arm down next to her which she pulled closer to her with her paws and lightly bit me. I said, 'Cassie that's not very nice' and moved my arm away. While i was talking to Mum i went to give her a little pat on the head again and she swung around and full on latched onto me! Claws and teeth into my arm! I tried hitting her off of me which made her grip onto me even tighter! It wasnt untill i literally screamed in pain that she got startled at let go.

My arm is covered in bleeding scratches, it realy hurts. Im crying right now just thinking about the whole ordeal, its gotten me realy upset that Cassie would do this to me, in such a viscious manner, and i wasnt even doing anything to her besides trying to give her a pat. Only minuites after attacking me she was apparently looking around for a game..

I understand that she obiously wasnt in the mood for attention but that doesnt mean she has to swing around and attack me like that, just cause she was annoyed and didnt want a pat. It was just so viscious, i feel it was uncalled for.

Is this normal cat behaviour? Both my cats when they've had enough attention will give me a swipe or a bite, Hanzel has done a 'latch on' as well to me in the past but has never broken the skin.. Has anyone elces cats done this? Am i doing something wrong?

Sincerely, Krystle.
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Re: Cassie attacked me realy bad :(

Originally Posted by Jimmyness
Am i doing something wrong?
I'm sorry this happened, but the only thing you did wrong was allow yourself to be distracted and not pay attention to her signs to be left alone.

Yes, cats WILL react in such a manner. No, I do not think it was vicious. The animals tell us things all the time and it is up to us to understand their language so we can interpret what they are saying. She either did this because she really did not want to be disturbed or she was feeling very playful. I wasn't there, so I cannot tell what she had in mind.

Take care of your wounds be sure they heal properly with no complications. I'm sure they sting.

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Ive had cats do this to me and ive felt horrible. wondering what i could have done wrong when I give this animal so much love. felt embarassed and chastised, especially when someone else sees it happen...

then i have to tell myself that a cat is prone to moods just like anyone else. and if its not in their usual temperment than you should give them a 2nd chance, and if it is in their nature to do that then it was my fault and i should be more careful next time.

I think the pain in the heart hurts more than the actual scratches. just put some polysporin on the scratches and bandaid yourself up and try and forget it
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Cassie may have been feeling a little 'off', or she might have felt some emotional stress from another source and took it out on you. In any case, she wanted to be left alone.
You'll have to really pick the situation apart, and even then you still might not be able to figure it out.
But don't take it personally, Krystle, she doesn't hate you. Cassie was just saying, "I really need my space right now.", in the only language she knows.
Go take care of your wounds, and relax. Have a margerita, or kick back and listen to some really good music to get your mind off it.
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It just realy gets to me how some people i know are so rough with their cats, pick them up when they're sleeping, toss them around, grab their ears and tail and the cat does NOTHING. All i do is be nice to my cats and i get attacked for it.

Sincerely, Krystle.
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You poor girl! I am so sorry! That happened to me when I was just a kid, my cat Morilla did the very same, I couldn't understand why she did that, sometimes cat will do that especially if we don't realize they want to be left alone, she loves you, it is just that cat always gotta have it their way, I know how you feel, she means the world to you and you feel betrayed, don't sweat it though, she was just being a kitty cat, after all they are Felines.
How is your arm feeling?
((((((((Krystle)))))))))) hugs for ya!

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Ohh that really sucks, Krystle. I wasn't there so I don't think I can help much, but just wanted to say I feel bad for you; it's hurtful when things like that happen.
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I'm sure you feel betrayed, Krystle, but remember, betrayal is a human term, a human perspective. It has no meaning to a kitteh. Our kitties take each moment as it comes, without judging.
Cassie still loves you the same, but she could be a little more gentle in expressing what she wants, and she should remember that you don't have a nice fur coat to protect you from teeth and claws.
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Its an occupational hazard IMO ....

Some cats get overstimulated I think .. I have one that gets so carried away when I tickle her tummy that if im not careful I get shredded ....

Dont take it personally tho .. its cats .. cats do what cats want to do .. they arent malicious ....

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Here's the thing: cats almost never do things that don't make sense...if you're a cat. Things incomprehensible to humans make perfect sense to cats. Cats have no sense of maliciousness; they just do what they do, and it's up to us to decipher why. I've discovered that as soon as I stop thinking like a human and just relax into wordless cat-language, cats are almost never a mystery. Their communication can be frustratingly subtle, but it's there.

I will go out on a limb and suggest this may have been play aggression. Cassie's first snuggle-bite was testing the waters. You withdrew your hand and then quickly brought it back, so she figured that the game was on. When you tried to get away, she hung on, but when you gave her a clear, audible signal (like a littermate), she stopped...but was soon looking around for more games to play. She decided it was hunting time, and your hand (another kitten) was close and moving.

How old is Cassie? And how much dedicated playtime does she get each day? Young cats really need that time to hunt, and will find inappropriate prey (hands and feet) if they don't get it. Even my 10.5 year old girl still wants a daily session with mousie-on-a-string (and a treat afterward, which completes and satisfies the hunt/eat/sleep cycle).

Trust me...I've been blindsided by more than a few cats. Usually, it's because I wasn't reading the cat carefully enough. I once had a perfectly nice pair of calico girls come politely out of a cage and turn into a fur tornado trying to kill each other around my leg. Had I been paying attention more closely, I would have noticed that one was hypervigilant and paranoid, and the other was having severe redirected aggression caused by her neurotic cage-mate...and I would have separated them before the fight started. Lessons learned; I was in a hurry and didn't read the signs. Neither of them had anything against me, or even each other. They were both doing things that made perfect sense to a cat, I was just too dim to see it.

Cassie has nothing against you. She may have not felt like touches, or she may have been in hunting mode and you created a fun target to play with. I'm sure she has no idea that she hurt your feelings, any more than one kitten hurts another kitten's feelings when they rough-house. When you yelled, she assumed that you were done playing, and went off to do something else.
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