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Tom Cat
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I could kick myself...

This is precisely why Sebastian is not allowed in my bathroom!

I was just, just about to go to bed, so I grabbed my cell off the coffee table, switched off the living room lights and went into the bathroom to wash my face and take out my contacts. I wish I had just shut the @$#%& door! I usually let him in while I'm in there, because otherwise he sits outsides and cries until I come out. Anyways, as I was lathering up my face, with my eyes closed (so I could get all my eye makeup), Sebastian takes a wild leap from the toilet, slides across the counter, and I hear something go plop into the sink, half full of water, faucet running. I wipe off my eyes and it's my cell phone! Completely submerged! I tried to save it, but the screen just flickered for a second before it shut down completely.

My initial cry of "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" frightened him off, but now he's crawled into my lap and is sleeping as I type this. Why does he have to be so flipping cute?!?!?!?!?! I really want to be mad! My poor phone! What now?!?!?!?!?!?! [/b]

Robin and...
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Bummer, I'd be totally lost without my phone. Unfortunately, that's what happens when you have cats. No matter how careful you are...something will get broken eventually.

Take the battery out and completely dry the whole thing as best you can with a paper towel. Then leave the battery out overnight and let the whole phone just dry out completely before you put the battery back in and try to turn it on again...sometimes that works. Just an idea.

(Just had to call Dell and explain how my laptop powercord...just split open...all by itself....totally not due to cat teeth being applied...also, the keyboard...that F11 key...just flew off the keyboard one day when I was sitting there watching it...yeah...that's it. Good thing they didn't ask too many questions).
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Yeah dry out the phone, I can't even count how many times I've dropped my phone in water but everytime after it dries out it's okay. Cats are so silly, I could totally picture the wild leap from the toilet though!
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Well-take solace in the fact that it was your cat that drowned your phone. At least he didnt know any better ...

In my case, it was my brother -who most definately should have known better. I'd just got a new one - top of the range - and for some reason known only to my brother - he decided to plonk it in a drinking glass after he had had a look at it. Said glass was filled with water at the time ... (apparently he didnt know .... )

I'm very good at killing phones all by myself though. The best example was a flip top phone that I opened up one day while walking down the street. As I flicked it open to make a call, the top half flew off and fell down a drain ....
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Silly Sebastion!

My sister once ran and jumped into a pool, forgetting my cell was in her pocket She came zooming out of the pool with such a look of horror on her face.
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Ouch! Silly Sebastian! And you can't be mad at them, they don't understand what they did wrong. Hope you can get it to work somehow, I know I'd be lost without my phone!
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Wife of phone man - here's a trick with any wet small expensive piece of electronics -

Dunk it immediately in a bowl of rubbing alcohol! The alcohol will force the water out, and does not harm the electronics or cause rust...

The worst is salt water. I was once at the beach with some friends and our beach blanket got soaked by a very sudden swift rogue wave that swept up the beach, soaking everything including my purse and all its contents. The key fob for my car got ruined and I had to set off and then disable the car alarm to drive home and fetch the spare, and my phone was killed too - salt. That was one weird day at the beach...

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Salt water is pretty bad, but if you throw it quickly in a bowl of fresh water, swish it around to dilute the salt, then a bowl of alcohol, you've got a good chance of your electronics coming back to life.

Coca-cola is the worst, though. It's sticky and very corrosive. I've seen more expensive electronic equipment ruined by Coke than I'd want to shake a stick at. Be thankful the phone went into a glass of water and not a glass of Coke.

Edit to add - Robin, is there a palce that sells phones near you? Most of them deal in more than one brand, and they might swap your phone for another.
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Re: I could kick myself...

If you have a cat, make sure your cell is ensured, perhaps they can give you a refurbish one this time.
I am sorry but I thought the story was funny

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Tom Cat
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OK, well I let it dry out overnight, wish I had read the bit about the alcohol before I'd gone to sleep! Great tips for future reference though! It turned on, let's hope i stays on!

We do have about a million cell phone places around here, at least two per block...they're everywhere! Unfortunately, there are no service plans in China, everything is pay as you go. We buy the phones at tech malls or the provider shops by bargaining down from full price. That means, no support and no insurance plans. I just sent my spare phone home with my mom when she visited because she knocked hers in the sink while doing dishes! Luckily mine was cheap, I think I only paid about $50 for it so it's not the end of the world.

And yes, I agree...it is kinda funny. I can laugh at it this morning

Robin and...
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