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Pet quality of ferals and strays ... opinions ?

I recently almost got into a huge argument on my parrot forum about ferals and strays .

Admittedly the bird people arent generally cat lovers, but it did get me thinking about the misconception of the pet quality of ferals and strays.

The story there went along the lines of some poor mangy cat that was terrorising the neighborhood and the parrots. The consensus was that the cat must be caught and euthanised as it would never make a decent pet.

IMO this is absolute drivel ... I have three ferals and a stray .. all have made good housecats and arent remotely interested in my parrots.

Im an oddity im a bird and cat lover

Blue for example .... one of the "ferals" ... im convinced she is of oriental decent .. she looks like one and her behaviour is odd .... she has this habit of standing next to me and tapping my legs with her paw to get attention ..... this morning she was doing it to Monty ... Monty BTW is a great big hulking boxer boy dog. She was on her hind legs with both paws around his neck licking his face ..... the big loon just stood there and enjoyed the attention .....

This cat was completly feral ..... rescued along with 2 other cats ( Ugly and Spookie) from a feral colony at about 6 months of age .....

Freeway is still learning to be a housecat , but its only been a month since I had him neutered.

So..... what are your opinions ?

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Only two cats, out of my last twenty, were not feral/stray when we took them in. IMO, some of our BEST CATS (snuggle-wise) were former ferals, and the strays seem to appreciate the love/care when they had to struggle on their own without it before finding us.

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The couple of ferals I ever adopted, eons ago, were very happy to become housecats, with all the luxuries and privileges that go along with being a house kitteh.
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All my cats have always been strays (except Nanook who is a pound kitty) and they have all been wonderful, loving pets.
Sheer nonsense!

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All of my cats are former ferals, and most of them are the loviest cats I've ever met. They follow my husband and me all around the house. It seems like those that are able to make the transition to housepets, really do it with gusto.

Not all of them are able, though. I have a couple that have only really made it halfway to domestication, and they're a handful. That's the only real argument I can think of against trying to domesticate ferals: You may put years of effort into taming them, but still end up with neurotic half-ferals who aren't really overjoyed with you or vice versa. Meanwhile there are lots of normal healthy cats sitting shelters that you could have had, and been happier with. Ferals are kind of crap shoot.

But that hasn't stopped me from adopting them. Ferals are the ones who keep ending up on my doorstep, and it's hard not to try to help the ones that are right in front of me. Plus, I'm a total sucker for hard cases.
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Rescue Cat

Our cat was a rescue. He was only a kitten when we found him but he has turned out to be the best cat ever!!! We love him dearly.

Of the many pets we've had, several have been rescues. I do think rescued animals have a level of gratitude. Maybe I'm just imagining it but I really believe our rescues give us a tinge more devotion.
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my cat, olive, was formally a stray. although she was wary at first she was always sweet, so i think she was someones pet and then they just abandoned her. she still remains an indoor/outdoor kitty since she cant seem to shake the instincts of hunting in the wee hours of the morning....but she always comes back after a few hours and meows at the door to come back in to eat, drink, play and nap. she knows where are home is now.. i think its horrible that people thinks cats are disposable...there are so many homeless cats in shelters and roaming around...i think its wonderful when people have cats that were formally strays or ferals. even if they are seemingly "wild", most can be rehabilitated if it has a devoted person taking care of it. in my opinion, they all at least deserve a chance.
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Of the four cats in my life (I rescued two a few years ago that were more attached to my mother), three were strays, and Tank was a pound cat found on the streets.

Jerrick's Story: My mom loved Siamese cats, and we still haven't encountered one that doesn't adore her on site, so when she saw a half-starved Siamese boy hanging around our street, she fell in love.
He was hard to catch, and a real fighter, but one day I'd had enough--not neutered, too skinny, terrorizing the neighbors--his filthy hide was mine.
I braved life and limb to catch the little bugger (ruined clothes, tons of cuts), but the second he was in Mom's arms he was butter. That was around 3 years ago, and he hasn't left her side since.

Jerrick was a hard case in comparison to the other cats, but it proves that even the meanest strays can become great pets.
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I dont understand why bird people are cat haters. Shame on them. They should love all animals.

Packs of dogs in our area have killed several litter of kittens this year. Do I hate dogs? No way. I strongly dislike ignorant people who let these dogs run wild and dont S/N.

Our planet is fast loosing its wild life. How can you not respect each animal on this planet and love its uniqueness. I love birds. They all have their place.

The parrot people on your forum should be angry at the people who abandoned the cats and didnt S/N them. They should focus on destruction of habitat, irresponsible pet owners, people who use chemicals which destroy birds. They need to get the real picture. They need to find a humane way to solve the problem of the feral cat.
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Cats are extremely intelligent animals, which makes them very adaptable. They are smart enough to know it's a good thing to have food given on a regular schedule, to have shelter from stormy or cold weather, and to have nice, safe, comfortable places to sleep.
Most ferals adapt well to the easy life of a house kitty, and are grateful for the change.
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