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The cat lover curse.

Is it just me or do I have the cat lover curse? I love cats, therefore I'm much more likely to meet into people who either don't like cats, are allergic to them, are afraid of them, believe you can't have cats if you have children and/or have cats they want to get rid of (those are the worse kind)?

The ones who are truly allergic, I won't criticize them but as for the others, I don't understand them at all. I thought cats are the most popular pet in North America with dogs being the second most popular so it seems I should meet more people who like cats than the opposite but more often I find the opposite. I don't get it.

At work I had a neighbor who sat in the cubicle next to me. She had 2 cats and she has 2 children. She got the cats before she got her kids. I often heard her talk about how badly she wanted to get rid of her cats because she didn't have time for them, etc. Her kids are her priority, understandable, but I still don't understand why she didn't love her cats anymore and why she wanted to get rid of them. She moved recently and she said prior to moving that she was going to bring them to a city shelter. I respected her at work and we got along ok but deep down I didn't really like her much for this reason.

I have another coworker who is afraid of cats but I respect her more for not having them. She's a dog lover, that's cool, but the fear of cats, I don't understand it.

Now I have a new neighbor at work. Someone noticed I have this toy cat on my desk that runs on batteries and breathes. My neighbor next to me said, "Well, as long as it doesn't jump on me." I said, "Oh, you don't like cats." She shook her head "No!" like she couldn't stand them.

Prior to where I work now I worked at a place temporarily in which my supervisor hated cats and used to make comments. I lost my temp job after I reacted to an offensive bumber sticker on her car but that's in the past now.

I just find it weird that if you're a cat lover you're doomed to meet more people that just don't like them than do. Does that happen to you too or am I the only one? I don't let it get to me but I'm puzzled by it.
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Having been a cat-fearer for most of my life, I do understand those who might dislike (i.e., fear) cats. If you never had pets as a kid, it's just kind of disconcerting that this furry thing with teeth and sharp nails can move indiscriminately. There's no controlling them, and they're not playing by our set of rules. Even within the year before we got Rookie, I got up the guts to pet a cat and it snapped at me, and I thought the thing was SATAN.

Now that I've crossed over to cat lover, I find actually the opposite of what you're saying. Cat lovers are everywhere! I now have cat-bonds with several people at work who I never used to talk to, just because it comes out that we both have cats who we're bonkers about. If anything, I'm more aware of how many cat lovers there are out there, not how few!

Holly and Murphy
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A couple of people I know are afraid of cats, no big deal, but they also have very large dogs who are usually straining on the end of their leash barking if you even get close to them. How can you be afraid of a small little fluff-ball? Possibly it's the bad image cats sometimes get of being "mysterious". One lady said she "didn't like their eyes". Not exactly sure what she meant by that......considering mine are usually looking up at me for petting.
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I try not to get to worked up about someone who doesn't like cats, with the exception to the general attitude reguarding strays/ferals around here. But I know many people who are "dog people" vs. "cat people", and that's ok. I have a huge fear of dogs, and as long as they respect my fear for dogs, I will respect the fact that they are not cat people. I can't say that I've ever run into anyone who talks so foolishly about them though, except my step-father, who jokingly says the only good cat is a flat cat! But, I consider the uneducated source, and the fact that he just grew up at a different time in life than I did, and had different experiences than I did. As long as he respects my cats when he's visiting, we're good.
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I haven't run into many cat 'haters', really, but I meet a lot of fervid dog fans, and quite a few people who look at me funny when I rhapsodize about Gracie , which I take to mean that they actually have no clue how someone might actually interact with and enjoy a cat....

That makes me sad, since I think many kitties are cheated when they are misunderstood or taken to be like 'small dogs with just a different look'. I must say the best thing I ever did was read up on understanding cats and cat psychology before bringing Gracie into the household. We were former cat owners, even, but we still didn't really understand how our feline friends think, feel, etc. Now that we've put the energy out to really learn 'cat-ness', what a rich relationship we have with our kitty! And how fun our lives are with her too - this gray girl who gives us 'love blinkies', and comes running when we call her!...

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I don't think people can be blamed if they're scared of cats. Almost everyone has fears, and for these people it just happens to be with cats. They might have had a bad experience with cats as a kid, in which case I think it's perfectly fine for them to be naturally weary of them.

And like October said, they do have very sharp nails and teeth, and if you haven't been around cats very much you might not know how they're going to react if you touch them in places they don't like to be touched.

I also find that I've actually encountered more cat lovers too, probably because now we have something to talk about!!
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He/she who does not like the cat was in his/her former life a rat.
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My SIL and BIL hated cats, and when I was in my twenties, I put up with their nasty remarks. But once I hit thirty, I told them if they didn't like my animals they didn't have to come to my house.

I am an animal lover, and my husband and I own this home. How dare anyone say, "EWWW, get that thing away from me!" If you're very young, that explains a lot. Some people have no respect for people younger than themselves, and think they can say whatever they want. I loved both my SIL and my BIL. She was like my own sister, only 15 years older, and my BIL was old enough to be my father. They considered me and treated me as if I were a child. I discovered that it you lie down, some people will consider you a door mat. Be as polite as possible, but your home is YOUR home. You pay the rent; you pay the mortgage, or you own the home. You can cooperate, but don't cower!

If someone is frightened by animals that's different. I don't particularly want a snake or tarantula on me, but many people enjoy having them as pets.


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A friend of mine back in California didn't actually dislike cats but would rather they not be around him.

Yet, whenever he went to his cat owning buddy's house the cat made a bee line to sit on his knee.

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For some reason, people who don't like cats find the need to be outspoken about it. I don't like dogs but you don't hear me cutting them down every chance I get, and I would certainly never harm one, which is more than can be said for some cat haters.

I thought cats are the most popular pet in North America with dogs being the second most popular so it seems I should meet more people who like cats than the opposite but more often I find the opposite. I don't get it.
I thought the very same thing a while back. In my area it seems like dog lovers easily outnumber cat lovers by 2 to 1.
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