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Any Rescue or adopted kitties.....

Just wondering who all has kittens/cats that came from a rescue or shelter that you have adopted????

Please post pictures of them to!!!

Here is the cat I adopted. I got her the year Princess passed away. I wasn't looking to get a kitten. I wanted to adopt a grown cat because I know they don't always get adopted out because they aren't as cute as that kitten in the next cage.
I was told Macy would growl and hiss if anyone put their hands in the cage. I was able to reach in and pet her and pick her up and hold her. We left and went to another shelter but ended up back there and adopted my girl. She was only $15. But boy has she been an expensive kitty since getting her. But she makes up for that. She's sooooo well behaved. I love her. Well I love all of them but I am confident I could leave a juicy steak on the desk and I wouldn't have to worry about her eating it while I run to the kitchen.

Anyways. Here is Macy. I need to do the math and see how old she is.

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That is one of my favorite type of cats ~white with two different color eyes. How unique. She is beautiful! $15 is a gonga deal!
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Macy is a gorgeous kitteh!

Here is an old pic of Arianwen. We rescued each other about a year ago when I adopted her from a no-kill shelter. She has warmed my home and my heart.
Her eyes are more green than yellow now, and she has fuller ruff fur. She is a good bit bigger now, too.
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I adopted Tom from the Culpeper County Humane Society three and nearly a half years ago.

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I didn't get my two from shelters but they were rescues. I got Jitzu from a roommate who moved out. She had been largely ignored and semi-abused by a friend of mine (we have since had a chat about 'appropriate behavior with cats...he's better now) and was so nervous. It took her about a year to fully trust me, and she's definitely a one person cat. She tolerates my bf though. My friends think she's psycho, she will actually chase people to attack them, but she loves to cuddle with me. And wow does she have a picky stomach, but i wouldn't trade her for the world and all the work i put into her is worth it for what she gives me back.

her full name is Ninjitzu...boys named her, not my fault. But she IS a ninja..

Isn't she beautiful?

Second is my baby. I got Torri when I was working at a different pet store last summer. This family brought her in saying they had found her on the hill by their house. Watched her for 6 hours and brought her in when it started to get dark. The kids wanted to keep her (duh) but dad was allergic and mum didn't want to deal with a 4-5 week old kitten. They asked if the store would take her, they were full up so I called my bf and begged...I brought her home and we've loved her ever since. She's sweet, playful, and sooo dumb. But we love her to bits. However, if Jitzu is my girl, Torri is definitely a daddy's girl.

Her full name is Torrier (Tor-E-A), and she's adorable.

Torri the day we got her:

And Torri all growed up:

And just for the heck of it this is the baby I'm raising now. She's 4 weeks old now, this was her back when she was with mum.

Cute little Dora.

And Tommy, my semi-feral sweety:

Isn't he striking? If I can't find him a home soon i may have to keep him...he's such a sweety. We'll see what happens

I love my kitties

Wow that's a lot of pics...heh, sorry
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I was looking for a couple of kittens when I heard that a friend-of-a-friend's grandmother had some kittens in her barn and that the grandmother wasn't best pleased so they were going to be killed (very farmer-like attitude around here).

So I went with a friend to see the kittens. They were in such a sorry state (very skinny with raging herpes conjunctivitis) that I took three, and my friend (who hadn't planned on taking any at all) took two.

Sadly, of the 5 that we rescued, 2 didn't make it, but I now have 2 gorgeous kittens, and my friend has one.

Tiger and Domino

After speaking with the vet last night, we think that Tiger will always have a sight deficit due to the herpes infection being so bad (his cornea had ruptured, but it is slowly getting better).

My two wonderful "free" kitties, have so far cost me 150 euros even before their first vaccinations... but I wouldn't swap them for the world
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This is Hampton. He came from a shelter, as a stray. They sent a certified letter to the microchip owner, but they never came to pick him up

He was probably about the 10th cat that I interviewed, and kind of had my heart set on a kitten, rather than an adult. I also wasn't sure about getting a declawed cat, as thats something I would never do to a cat. After about 30 seconds, I knew he was mine! Some of the other cats were (naturally) freightened and unsure, but once he started giving me head butts, I knew that I had been claimed.

He was a TV star, being on the ONDemand pet adoptions for two weeks. Like some of the others here, he was on "clearence" ($36), so I also knew that if I didn't take him, there was a good chance that he might not have made it (the local shelter is transitioning to no-kill, but isn't there yet). They told me (after we had fallen in love, of course) that he had a heart murmur which may shorten his life, but not for awhile. Now I knew why this sweet boy had been there so long. I've had 3 different vets listen to his heart. One said it does sound a little different, but not concerning. The other 2 said it sounds fine to them. I mentioned to all 3 that the shelter said he had a murmur, but none of them could hear one

He's everything I could have ever wanted in a cat. He's very smart and loving, although he has to be in the mood for it too. He (usually) behaves himself and loves Greenies. He's really more handsome, rather than cute. His topside is very plain Jane, but his bottomside is unlike any other cat I have ever seen! I just snapped a webcam picture of him about 3 feet away from me here on the couch.

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Here is my story and my brood of kitties

first we have Riley, I adopted him from the humane society in Toledo, OH back in 1994.

Look at the tail on him.

This is the last picture I ever took of Riley right before he passed away in 2005. RIP pal.

This is Miss Chloe as a kitty, we also adopted her from the humane society in Toledo back in 1995. She is a firecracker, she is about 13 or 14 right now

Next is Willie, he was adopted from the Humane Society in Sebring, FL right after Riley passed away. He is a monster cat now

He weighs about 15 lbs now.

and finally we have little Buddy, I adopted him from the Humane Society in Sebring, FL in 2006. He is the sweetest thing.
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We adopted Murphy in March of this year from the SPCA in Annapolis, Maryland after losing our precious Rookie to epilepsy. Murphy was described as "very affectionate and declawed," which is exactly what I wanted to hear. When we went to see him, he immediately started nuzzling us, doing cheek rubs, purring like a Harley . . . it was a no-brainer. His former owner wrote that he was good with children but didn't get along with their other cat. They also wrote, "Very lovable, needs a lot of attention" on the form. He sure does, and we love giving it to him.

Holly and Murphy
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Madison was the only cat that I've gotten from a shelter. Everyone else came from friends, family or adopted us!

I found him in a cage with his brothers and sisters - all tuxedos. He was the one that reached his little arm as far as he could to get my attention. He was very talkative that day too. I knew I had to take him home. He was my birthday present in 1989.

Madison was with me before I got married, got a couple of college degrees with me, and moved across a few states with me. He was almost 18 when he left us. I have his ashes on our mantle. He was a wonderful 'child' to us. He was the greatest listener. I will always miss him.

About 1990

Early 2000

This photo was taken 1 month before he died. We brought the twins home from my brother's house to give to a friend of ours - but it didn't work out. They immediately were drawn to Madison and he to them, so we kept Shula & Fin. They slept where ever Madison slept. One of these days I'll post his last photo. It hurts to see it right now.

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