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Getting a urine sample??

Ok, so the vet gave us this little tiny bottle of black broken up plastic in the hopes that simba will think its litter. (the bottle was the size of a urine sample bottle, it was in there. it looks like absolutely nothing in the litterbox.)

Well, its been out since 3:30, its now nearly 11, and he hasnt peed in it. I think theres not enough of the things for it to feel like litter.... hes gone in adn checked it out... even went in with all 4 feet just a bit ago, but still nothing. surely in like 8 hours hes got to pee at least somewhat.

how have you guys gotten urine samples in the past? i hate to lock him in a room with it - he didnt do anything wrong. the normal litter is up where only Boo can jump. The vet said some cats just cant get a sample, but in those cats they do yet another 2 week round of pills. problem with that is he hasnt been falling for the pill in the wet cat food anymore. I even tried a little piece of tuna last night and still no. so id really rather get the sample and make sure hes clear rather then cram pills down his throat for another 3.5 weeks instead of only another 1.5.

can anyone offer any advice? I washed out the litterbox, but ive done that before and they both went in the normla litter in the fresh clean litterbox. now that this stuff is in it, he doesnt care.

we also dont wnat to continue to confuse Boo and have her start not knowing where to go and peeing in the house.

(i know we are supposed to have like 15 litterboxes, but we only have one, and have never had any going out of the litter issues besides when simba blocked).
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I wonder if you could use fish tank gravel that has been rinsed to get the dust off and left to dry. It won't absorb anything. Maybe use a small amount in a litter pan that is lined with a plastic bag. Sometimes cats like to pee on plastic(at least my cats do ).
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what ended up happening was... i was going to set things up back to normal for at night. Just for kicks, i tried putting a tiny bit (about the amount the vet gave us) of normal litter.... and it turned out he peed on the clean part... only a couple grains even touched the pee, but i took a sample from the cleanest area in the corner. Im hoping this will be ok with the vet. I kept the black crystals just in case its not.

i thought of fish gravel too actually! lol. but the only stuff we have is in the tank. im hoping the way i got it is ok. *crossing fingers*
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I just have the vet do a "cysto" -- they stick a needle through the abdominal wall into the bladder and extract a sample. It doesn't cost that much and you're assured of having a sample that's fresh and uncontaminated.
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wouldnt that hurt him though? Doenst sound like something id want done to myself even, lol.

My vet may mention that when i bring in the sample... im gonna tell them exactly what i did so they know. We may have to try again with the black crystals, but im hoping not!
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Wouldn't hurt anymore than a blood test I would have thought....
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I have to do King twice a year and he ALWAYS knows when its time too. I get him first thing in the morning leave him in the kitchen with a litter tray with cotton wool in it. He yowls etc and sometimes I have to keep putting him in the tray to 'perform' but in the end we get one. And squeeze the wee out of the wool into the sample bottle.

The first one was the hardest to get. He was left over night with the tray and still did nothing. Eventually he went in a corner.
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When I worked at a vet clinic we had very little to do with the black pellets your talking about (I can't remember the name at the moment argh). We either did what Tim explained and the cats didn't even bat an eye at it so I don't think its very painful at all or used a catheter. The last two will get the cleaniest sample.

You could have also maybe even tried using cling wrap and put it over the normal litter in the box so when he went it would go on the cling wrap instead of into the litter. Or if you had alot of patience you could watch him and then put the bottle or some sort of container under him as he's peeing.
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we brought in the sample this morning..... $51!!! holy crap!!! All theyre going to do is put it on a slab and look at it under a microscope for 3 seconds.... jeez let me go look at it! lol.
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THis may sound strange, but Mollygirl doesn't like to bury her stuff and hated litter so I started using puppy pads in her litter box which she really likes. When I have to do a urine sample I simple remove the puppy pad and she goes in the box. Soon found just using the box and cleaning it was way cheaper than puppy pads or litter. But you do have to be on top of cleaning it after every use. No problems here as she will tell us.

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