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Need advise, and some encouragment

OK, I want to start out by apologizing that I do not log on as often as I would like. But I am in need of advise, and a lot of encouragment here.
We have 4 cats, and love them DEARLY. But 3 of the 4 have been having A LOT of problems with worms, I bring them to the vet, and we go back to the vet, they are not able to tell me why we are having such a problem with them. they have given them medicines, and still we are having trouble with worms. Last night Lilly was sitting on my fiancee' lap, and he felt something touch his stomach, he looked down, and a worm had fell from her! I am always wiping them off of there little behinds. I have found them on the floor! And I am exhausting my bank account, and am to the point I can not afford it anymore. (vet bills) I have brought them to another et, and still no answers. I am so confusedas to what is going on, and feel helpless I can not help my little babies.
I feed a high quality food, they dont go out side. Every so often I will allow them to go as far as the porch, but we live on the second floor, so I just sit at the top of the stairs, and they wont go past me. So its not like they eat weird things to get worms. They dont have fleas, so we know that isnt a promlem. They physically look healthy, they are at a good weight, not thin from the worms. I REALLY dont want to have to lose them. What can I do for my little kitties? Anyone else have this problem? Anyone have an idea of what could be causing this? (the vets have NO IDEA)! Its only worms, how can they NOT KNOW? We have even tried the stuff you can buy at Wal-Mart.... with no relief in sight!!
If you have any suggestions, or kind words for us, please leave a comment.

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I assume you've tried dewormer.... (you don't actually say).
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Does your building have rats or mice? your cats could be catching mice and getting parasites from them. After deworming all cats at once, I'd throw out the old litter box, clean the floors, carpets, bedding and upholstery really well, and start with a fresh litter box and litter. I'd also throw out any of the opened food you already have, just in case.
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Yes we have tried dewormer, and I have not heard any mice/rats.
Havent seen any, and I'm sure if they were doing that, at least one of them would have given us a 'gift' by now. I've not seen any droppings, or chew marks, and no dead carcasses.
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What do the worms look like? Are they long and string-y or are they short little pieces that look like rice? Each will require a different type of wormer, though I thought any reputable vet could give a wormer that would take care of both types (intestinal worms and tapeworms).

If your vet has treated them with droncit/drontal, other similar meds or some spot-on topical flea treatments that also kill worms and your cats are still presenting with worms...then they are getting re-infected from something in their environment.

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Have you used the same dewormer every time?
It may be that the dewormer is just not effective enough on these cats, there are several types of dewormers out there that vets have and not everyone will work the same on every cat or on every kind of worm. Worms have growth cycles and it could be the wormer isn't getting all the cycles of the worms which in turn never gets rid of all the worms.

Your sure they don't have fleas? What kind of worms are they?
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Have you given the second dose of de-worming medication at the prescribed time? The first dose kills the live worms, but there are still eggs present. Giving the second dose, usually 3 weeks later, allows the eggs to hatch but not be mature enough to produce more eggs. The second dose kills off those worms and you should not see more anymore unless there is something in their environment that they are getting them from.

Also, the de-worming meds of Walmart are a waste of money; ineffective and possibly harmful to your cats. Use vet prescribed medication.

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The only thing I can add to the above is to scoop, scoop, scoop the litterbox. Three times a day minimum.

Cats/kittens with a heavy infestation of worms may need an extra treatment to completely get rid of them. And yes, you have to treat them all at the same time - the cat showing negative for worms may still have them but not at a detectable level when they are checked. So ask the vet.

It does sound like an evironmental source, though.

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It does sound like an evironmental source, though.

I have seen poop with a long stringy white one, but the one that fell onto my fiancee was short, and looked like rice. I try to scoop the boxes every time I notice there is a mess in them. I will call the vet and see if they can try a different type of dewormer. Of course my stubborn kitties had to have worms that are indestructable! And we did give the follow up dose of dewormer, hopefully after trying a different kind, this problem will be no more. Thanks for the advise, I'll post back when we figure something out! The weird thing is though, and I just realized this, our little dog has eaten out of the litter boxes, but she doesnt have worms,we even got her tested when all this started being a problem, but I have also put the litter boxes behind a baby gate, so hopefully she doesnt have them as well, and are just not showing up.
UGH!! My poor babies!!

I wonder though, I thought then when they had worms they lost some weight, because of them, none of mine seem to have lost any weight, at all, and the Vet didnt seem to mention it either... Should I maybe use a different vet?
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What specific wormers have you tried?

With the types of worms you are describing, I recommend Drontal (which is a tablet and you have to give two doses) or Profender (which is a relatively new topical treatment that will treat all types of worms and doesn't require a second treatment).

Third, are you treating for fleas? Just because you don't see them, doesn't mean they aren't there. They are sneaky little buggers that spend most of their life span OFF your pet. I recommend frontline, or advantage monthly, and treat the house, carpeting, bedding and furniture for fleas.

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