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A breakthrough! Finally!!

I can't believe it, something has changed in this house. Something BIG!

I'm so exited and hopeful...maybe things will get even better from here?!

The breakthrough you ask? Jitzu! She seems like a whole new cat! Yesterday she cuddles muffin on my lap, even let him lick her ear a bit, amazing! Then today when I came home from work I lay down on the couch to veg for a bit and she cam to lie on me. She was chattier than usual, and was all lovey when I was taking off my coat.

She was very sweet, even gave me a rare purr, and rubbed on my hand when i petted her. Then Doran came to see me, with his 'welcome home mum' purrs, and he walked right over her to cuddle under my chin. Right against her! She didn't even argue, no growls or anything. She bit him a bit, but he just sat still and then she groomed him! I couldn't believe it! She hasn't cuddled with a kitty like that in 2 years!

To top it all off Muffin came and sat on my legs, I was totally covered in kitties!

Lol, here's a pic to prove it:

I'm so excited! Maybe soon i'll have a 4 kitty blanket??? Lol, i think we're still a ways away from that, I'd settle for Torri feeling happy in the main portion of the house. *sighs* well, maybe after the move they'll decide they can live together.

*Ps, excuse the awful work sweater/pants...and the nametag, lol.
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Re: A breakthrough! Finally!!

Yay! Isn't it nice when they change their attitude? How long had Jitsu been like that? Always or only after new kitties came?

Last night I noted a momentous occasion when the two foster kittens were in a playful mood in the Master Bedroom and both of them AMBUSHED me in play! The fluffy kitten (the most wild one) knew she was ambushing me, the short haired kitten...she knew I was in the room with them, but when she ambushed out from under the bed, she seemed surprised to see me and immediately layed on her belly on the carpet to think about things. She was playing again in moments. Tonight, they both walked on and played over me and the short haired kitten even jumped from a counter onto my lap for a snuggle.

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Re: A breakthrough! Finally!!

Jitzu's always been difficult. When I first moved in to the house of the people who originally had her she was awful! She chased me up the stairs one day, she would growl if you came within 5 feet of her, and she attacked guests, literally!

When the girl who was her 'owner' moved out i told her i was keeping her cat. Jitzu hated me for the longest time. But she's a kitty who needs a mum. She adopted another roommate, but when she moved out I was the only girl left as an option. Te difference being I wasn't going to push her, I would feed her, and clean her box, and I had rules. the first time she cuddled me was 6 months after i got her...and I totally cried. It lasted all of 30 seconds, but she's gotten much better since then.

We got Kido from a guy who rescues cats/kittens during the winter. She was about 6 months old and Jitzu chased her around the house whenever she came out. That lasted about 2-3 months. Kido was VERY shy...she spent most of her time under another roomie's dresser. But she also wanted love and would come out to cuddle if i sat still for over an hour.

Finally jitzu accepted her, and they cuddled and groomed each other. I think they got along because Kido didn't mind being bossed around, and Jitzu liked to be the boss, lol.

After we moved to the place we're in now a new roommate left the front door open, and Kido ran away. I saw her a few times, but I couldn't get her back. A few months after that we got Torri as a kitten, someone had abandoned her, and her and Jitzu didn't get along from day one. They fought when torri tried to play. Jitzu hissed so much she had no voice left!

They adjusted, but they still don't get along and now torri growls when jitzu comes close...not that I blame her 'cause jitzu chases her.

She's always liked Doran, and tolerated muffin...but it was such a long road to get here. And I worked so hard to get her to trust me! This is a huge thing for me, I just want her to be happy, and she's never been better. She was even playing with da'bird, and a feather toy tonight. She never plays!

....I hate to bring this up since it's so controversial...but I'm wondering if it could be the change in diet? I switched them to full raw at the beginning of December and they love it. Is it possible that it has something to do with her complete turnaround???
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Re: A breakthrough! Finally!!

Love the photo, its great when all your babies are all around you.
I wish mine were the same, Kyer and Babs a very cuddle cats but its Mia who is the problem, mainly with Kyer.
She has never gotten on with Kyer ever since we got her. Mia has her moments, she loves my husband and will sleep with him, cuddle up to him. But its very rare for her to come to me, dont really know why? thats just how she is.
But I do love it on those rare times when she does.
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Re: A breakthrough! Finally!!

That's a great pic LC
This does make me want to get more cats, but hey, it's not possible atm.

Glad that Jitzu's calmed down. Perhaps it was something to do with Christmas? Peggy didn't attack ANYONE on Thursday :O
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Re: A breakthrough! Finally!!

Looks like a kitty blanket! So sweet!

The more people I meet the more I love my cat!

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Re: A breakthrough! Finally!!

Yay! for kitty blankets!

Glad they're getting along better, I know how important it is to have a peaceful, happy household.
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Re: A breakthrough! Finally!!

What a great pic! Isn't it just so rewarding to see them all getting along, and enjoying them all together like that!
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Re: A breakthrough! Finally!!

It's so wonderful when the kitties decide to just get along.
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Re: A breakthrough! Finally!!

It was amazing, I'm so glad it happened...now I know she's got it in her.

On a similar note I tried something I wouldn't have dreamed of since that happened.

We moved today (we bought a house! exciting!) and I put the kitties in a room together. All of them. I sprayed it with calming spray first, and let them out one at a time. So far we're ok...better than ok. Since this new house is still neutral territory I'm hoping we can transition them to living happily together. I've seen good signs, Jitzu and Torri sniffing noses NOT followed by hisses/swats, lol. And a general lack of growling now that things have calmed down.

Here's hoping it keeps going well!

Is it possible this is because of the diet change? I'm thinking it could be related for some reason. Jitzu's always had a picky stomach, and I'm wondering if digesting the raw is easier...and if the wet or dry was giving her tummy aches. That would certainly make me grumpy! I'm tempted to say it's related since it's such a huge turnaround at the same time...but I'm stil not sure.

Even when we moved today she was good! She hates moving...the first time she moved she spent 3 weeks in the laundry room under the heater. The second time she sat by my head at night, hissing and swatting me if i moved. This time? She came out of the kennel calmly and explored the room. Is this the same kitty???? Not that i'm complaining, lol, I'm just hoping it'll stick!

*note: sorry for not replying sooner...this move has been crazy!
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