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Cure for cat allergy?

Is there something I can do so I'm no longer allergic to cats? I'm not completely sure if I am since I've never had cats - I'm still sixteen and my parents aren't allowing me to get a cat because I did an allergy test a few years ago and it said that I'm a little allergic to cats.

I'm really upset because I've wanted a cat since I was really young... And now my sister's getting a dog, so I'm quite envious...

I have friends who said that cat allergy passes with time, is that true?

I've also thought about getting allergy shots, but I heard that they might make you get asthma, and I don't want to risk.

Does anyone know what can I do? I really, really want to get a cat.
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Tom Cat
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Re: Cure for cat allergy?

If you had an allergy test tell you, you were alittle allergic to grass, would you never go outside? No, you'd take allergy medicine. Perhaps you need to put that into perspective with your parents. Do you know anyone that has a cat? Could you perhaps spend the weekend at their house and see how you react to the cat? If you have minimal symptoms, I say go for it, get a cat, and if you are anything like me after a couple weeks your body will adjust and your symptoms will fade.

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Re: Cure for cat allergy?

Allergy shots do not cause asthma. In fact, allergy shots allow me to be asthma-symptom free - well, just an episode or two a year, which beats using up an inhaler every month like I used to do.

And allergy shots do not work for everyone, every time. It can take weeks to know if they are wroking oo.

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Re: Cure for cat allergy?

I'm "a little" allergic to cats and dogs. And pollen, grass, hay... lots of stuff. I've never had any real bad symptoms; just a stuffy nose. I have three cats in the house right now (my cat, my mom's future cat, and a foster) and I've spent time with all three cats as well as my mom's dog, and I really only get a stuffy nose. That is what I consider "a little allergic". I deal with it by keeping tissues in the major rooms of the house and using nasal spray when I want an un-stuffy nose. I also found that after I had been around cats for a certain amount of time (about 3-4 days) my reaction went way down.

I second the suggestion of spending time with a cat, for a few days if possible. You might see that your symptoms are completely manageable, or that you might not have any symptoms at all.
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Re: Cure for cat allergy?

There are a lot of things you can do to help with allergies.

First, although this sounds silly, is to be sure to find a cat or kitten that you doesn't cause you an immediate allergic reaction. Allergies will vary from cat to cat - my family has allergies, and sometimes we are fine, and sometimes we will visit someone and find ourselves endlessly sneezing / red-eyed / runny nosed.

Allergy shampoo that is designed specifically for cats will cut down on the saliva which is the source of the allergy. The protein in the saliva is the source of allergy, not fur. Also house dust that a cat (or dog, for that matter) picks up contains dust mites and droppings, which are a common source of allergy. Shampooing the kitty and being diligent with vacuuming (for dust mites) helps a lot.

For people, over the counter medications help, as well as homeopathics. We have had remarkable success with homeopathic remedies. Also, it is good to have some places where the kitty is not allowed, so that there are places in the house where the allergic person can go when needed. Keeping the bedroom free of cat dander is the best, but it is easier said than done!

Hope this helps...

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Re: Cure for cat allergy?

Do you have your wisdom teeth? This is going to sound really weird, but when I got mine pulled, all four at once last fall, it cured my cat allergy completely. The surgeon who pulled the teeth said that trauma can cause physiological changes, although he'd never heard of this one.... Anyway, no guarantee it would work, but if you still have the teeth and you're going to get them pulled eventually you may as well do it now, stress out about it really bad, and maybe you'll get lucky and have my result!

And yes, allergies can change over time, so you can hope for that as well. I was not allergic until halfway through college, and then I became horribly allergic until the teeth came out. Meanwhile, my brother went from horribly allergic to not allergic at all, right about the same time as I developed my allergy. Apparently we traded.

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Re: Cure for cat allergy?


I'm allergic too, been for whole of my life (28years) and I can't remember a time that I didn't have a cat. There are medicine for this, of course it's not pleasent to take a pill every day, suffer nose drops, sneeze all the time etc, because if your allergy is not mild, you will have this little even with the medicine. Hopefully it's a miner allergy and doesn't get to asthma. That's a bit more serious. I'm really not telling you not to take a cat, but you must be really really sure if you are willing to suffer these with your cat. Cats are not toys, you can't put it away and take as you pleaze. Think what are you willing to do / suffer. Cats also need time, you must be willing to spend time with it, take care of it, clean its litter etc. You can't take it just because you are envy for your sister for her dog. There are so many poor kitties out there, who have been just dumped on the streets when their people have gotten tired to them. Think very seriously about this, please!

I've learned about a shedding tool called FURminator. I'm thinking of getting one for my cat (short hair). This tool is told to minimize the hair looze of you cat and also help for the dandruff that causes the allergy reacts (as well as cat's split). Has anyone got any experience of this? I'd like to get the "FURminator deShedding Tool with Double Edge", how does this vary from the one ment for cats?
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Re: Cure for cat allergy?

Thanks everyone for giving me advice! Now I have hope that I'll manage to get a cat somehow. For now, I've decided that I'll take another allergy test to see if my allergy's still there. I hope not.

Thanks again!
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Re: Cure for cat allergy?

When I was doing adoption counseling at my local shelter, if we had someone that wasn't sure about allergies, we would have them do a 'towel test'. We would rub a towel on the cat they were interested in and the person was to wear that towel around their neck for a couple days and sleep with it on their pillow. If they didn't have an issue, great. If they had an issue, they were to take their allergy medication and continue to wear the towel and see how it went.

I believe I have a minor cat allergy (never been tested) and also believe I'm allergic to mold and dust mites. The cat allergy never really seems to bother me unless the mold and dust mites are bad, then the cats can send me over the edge. I do agree that some cats are more of a problem than others, at least for me. There were times I'd go in the shelter and pick up one particular cat and have a really bad reaction. I also had a hard time when I went from 2 cats to 3, it took me a couple months to adjust and go back to normal.

I've been taking Claritin or Alavert for my allergies for years, but this year changed to Zyrtec and it's way better. I used to have massive sneezing fits every day, multiple times a day, the worst was in the morning and now I sneeze maybe a couple times a week.

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Re: Cure for cat allergy?

The towel test sounds interesting. But I have a question: my mother is convinced that if you're exposed to the thing you're allergic to, the allergy can only worsen. From your answers I see that your allergies haven't really worsened when you got a cat. So I'm wondering, if I get a cat, how big is the chance that my allergy will get worse to the point that it's really overwhelming?
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