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i need help in my questions

i am going to find kitten/cat from the street and i need help for somethings

1.How Can I Know It's Not Aggressive [ i had lot of tries and most of them were Aggressive]
2.When I Get It Playing With It Using Hands Is Wrong?
3.Should I Make It Go OutDoor ?
4.Is There Food That Makes Cat Aggressive?
5.How To Reslove Behavior Proplem

HINT: Most Cats In My Country Are Egyptian Mau Mixied Breed

Thanks ;

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Re: i need help in my questions

Welcome to Cat Forum and I'll try to answer your questions...

In my opinion, most cats can be tamed and socialized, but it takes patience, dedication and a firm resolve to commit yourself fully to the cat. If you want to rescue a cat/kitten from the streets, I would either trap a very young kitten (7-12wks) and work intensively with handling and socializing to help it transition to a happy housepet or I would wait until I had a cat/kitten approach me and already show that they are friendly.

I do not recommend using your hands to play with a kitten or cat because I think that leaves too much opportunity for the person to be injured with scratches and bites. I like to use toys to drag/swing (cat charmer or Da'Bird) or throw (stuffed toys). A laser-pointer light is also a great toy for a cat to chase the "red-dot" and get a great cardio-vascular workout.

The issue of letting your cat outdoors is one every pet owner must decide for themselves and their pet. IMO, it depends on what the area you live in is like; how safe, fast vehicles, loose pets, mean people or dangerous wildlife.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no food that will make an animal aggressive. You may get an animal (previously starved) who becomes protective over their food and/or eats too much, too fast.

Behavior problems come in many forms and there are many different ways to approach resolving them. Your question is too general for me to try to give you a good answer. If you experience specific behavioral problems, ask and then we'll try to help.

Good luck with rescuing a kitty!
heidi =^..^=

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Re: i need help in my questions

thanks for your answer you helped me alot

and about the behavior

i mean like if i found it pissing somewhere wrong or biteing hard or destroying something how can i tell it that it's wrong
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Re: i need help in my questions

1. Urinating
A cat will not understand a "wrongfullness" in urinating, so scolding will not help if your cat doesn't use the litter box. A cat will instinctively attempt to locate a soft and absorbent material to pee on, so with a feral cat it would be a matter of getting the cat to prefer the litter box to other materials. Perhaps by minimizing the other options until the cat is comfortable using the litter box.
If a cat who already uses the litter box suddenly starts going outside it, there is some reason for the change in behaviour, since the litter box would be the cat's preferred toilet too. Then it becomes a matter of figuring out the reason or reasons for the change in behaviour (a medical condition, pain while urinating, insufficient litterbox hygiene, environmental stress etc). Once the reason is found and fixed, the behaviour usually corrects itself.
Anger at a cat for urinating (it will not know people mean the place, just the action of urination) will most likely just make the problem worse, especially if the cause is stress or a urinary tract problem. Making the litterbox and urinating in it a positive experience for the cat will probably be the best.

2. Biting hard
With a feral cat that is unsocialized, this is bound to happen. I assume you mean biting hard while playing, not in defence or when threatened. You will need lots of patience. An unsocialized cat does not know how hard is too hard for humans. It will probably have learned how to behave and play with other cats, but not with humans. Slowly is the key. And training by rewarding good behaviour. When the cat plays as it should, it gets lots of attention and love. But when you see rough play coming, just leave the cat alone, move away and stop playing. No need for anger or aggression from the human, which will just confuse the cat. The amount of handling should be on the cat's own terms. For example, if the cat does not trust you to pick it up yet, don't pick it up. Think of it as a mutual training of how to interact with each other.

3. Destroying something
Again, a cat doesn't understand the concept of right/wrong in natural behaviour. It can't choose not to have a need to shed the excess layer of nail by scratching something so it comes off easily. It needs to do it. Or a teething kitten, whose gums are itching. It needs to bite things to get the baby teeth out of the way for the adult teeth.
The cat can't choose these things. The human has the choice here. If you decide to get a feral cat, make sure nothing you can't afford to lose, is within the cat's reach. If this is impossible, then a socialized cat would be better.
The risk to your belongings is much smaller if you provide for your cat's needs as far as scratching, chewing, knawing, running, jumping etc. with things that both of you agree are meant for that purpose
Both horizontal and vertical scratching surfaces. Things or furniture for the cat to jump on and climb. Things to chew and rip (our cats loooooove cardboard boxes to play in and to chew on - keeps the teeth clean too!) And things to chase and play with. A lot of these can be inexpensive or made yourself with a little imagination.
If the cat has the things it needs and (in the case of feral cats) knows what they are for, there's really no need for "destroying" anything.

I'm new here too, so welcome to the forum. Hope you find the perfect cat
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Re: i need help in my questions

Tripod, you did a FABULOUS job explaining both *why* these behaviors crop up and *how* to redirect the cat to appropriate things. You did a much better job than I could have done!

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Re: i need help in my questions

thanks all , i really needed these info

is it true that egyptian mau cats has some dog like skills and behaviors
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Re: i need help in my questions

Below is a link to the Cat Fanciers' Association breed profile for the Egyption Mau. It's a hot link, just click on it.
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