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litter boxes...

Yea so how hard is it to know how to properly scoop one? In his defense the last 2 cats we had I did the boxes... twice a day because we lived in an apartment and I hate smelling them. We even had a box in our bedroom, but you never knew!!. Now we live in a large 2 story house and you can smell them?? We have a box upstairs and one down. The box upstairs they don't use as often. Well hubby said we needed to move both boxes upstairs cause the one downstairs stunk really bad. funny... while he was gone 2 weeks and my preg. butt was stuck scooping it never smelled. Well I'm on a cleaning/ de-cluttering binge in all my nesting glory. So since hes at work I figured screw it I will clean the box. Found out why we smell it... Because numb nuts has been cleaning it a week since he got home but doesn't replace any of the litter he scooped out.. really? its that hard to see you scooped most of the litter out... should probably add more? The box was full of pee and poop... very little litter. UGGHHHH!!!!! I LOVE HIM..... I LOVE HIM..... I LOVE HIM.... But seriously his laziness baffles me at these things!
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Re: litter boxes...

that is good news i thought i might be the only one who cleans and washes her tray twice a day but glad it is not just me. I found a powder like shake and vac we you sprinkle some in and it blocks all the smell and the cat is not bothered by it at all might be worth a try i know it has worked for us if we have to go out all day i sprinkle a bit in before we leave (very difficult to do after you have left Hehe!!!) and there is no smaell when we get back. Hope this helps
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Re: litter boxes...

I sprinkle arm & hammer litter box powder in after cleaning. that works pretty good
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Re: litter boxes...

I hope you don't mind my saying (cause I don't know either of you) that sounds like classic passive aggression. I think you're right. It's not that hard to realize that litter has to be replaced. What's the point of the box if all the waste puddles on the bottom.

Do try to get through to him. It was always my understanding that pregnant women should not clean litter boxes over health concerns.

I wish you the best and all the patience and grace you can muster.
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Re: litter boxes...

LOL he's not being passive aggressive.. hes just generally Clueless. With instruction he does fix it. Just like before when he was scooping the litter into the toilet he had to be told it's not flushable and although it hasnt yet eventually would cause a backup.. He now bags it and takes it out. He just needs training is all...but it is frustrating in the now.
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Re: litter boxes...

Good...that's a relief.
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Re: litter boxes...

3 helpful hints-
a) I want to add that ya don't need to buy any expensive specialty powder to help control litter odor. Just plain old, cheap, generic baking soda does as good a job, or possibly better, for a lot less money. Don't add too much, though, as excess might interfere with clumping.

b) I think nitrile gloves on your hands and a dust mask over your nose will cut any risk of infection to a negligible level.

c) The daily physical scooping technique for moderate size litterboxez - start at the center, scoop from center to end. Three side-by-side scooping passes from center to each end, six swipes total, will get your litter boxes clean pretty quick. Replenish back to normal litter level, plus a small sprinkle of baking soda on top, and you're done.
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Re: litter boxes...

Eh, for the jumbo litterbox I lift one end and shake so all the litter piles at one end. Then I run the scoop through, taking little 'bites' of litter and sift it at the 'clean' end, dropping waste in my kitty waste-bin. When I've worked my way completely to the end, I use the scoop to evenly distribute the litter.
With the litterchest (2'x2'x4'), I work it in a similar fashion; I use the scoop to push all litter/waste away from one end and as I sift through the litter, I pile the 'clean/sifted' litter at the cleared end. When I reach the other end of the box I then smoothly distribute the litter through the whole chest.
For me, working the litter in this manner allows me to clean the box/chest completely and reach and remove waste clumps from all sides and the bottom.

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Re: litter boxes...

I say you print out instructions and stick it somewhere around the litter boxes where he'll see them clearly. Why do some people (I'll refrain from saying men in general) have to have every little thing spelled out for them before they do it right?

How To Clean A Litter Box

Step One: Grab a bag and the litter scoop

Step Two: Kneel down and start scooping all urine balls and feces out of the box and place into the box. Make sure you dig real dip, not all waste is just sitting on the top waiting for you.

Step Three: Top off the litter box with fresh litter.

Step Four: Tie waste bag up and place in trash, put litter scoop away and wash your hands before proceeding with your day.
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