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what is your cats best and worst traits?

since every cat has a very unique personality, whats your little ones best and worst trait?

for my charlie his best is his extreme need for attention, mostly he does good things for it, but there are times where he knows bad things will get him attention.

but his worst trait by far is his meowing, aaalways talking, and that annoying fake purr cats do mostly for food, but his dish is always full lol
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Re: what is your cats best and worst traits?

Good idea

I just asked my boyfriend, and he said that Gizmo's best trait is his "beauty" . What can I say... love is blind. Personally, I like how quirky/silly he is. It's difficult to put into words, but he isn't like any other cat that I've had.

The worst, in my opinion, would be how intolerant he is of being groomed. He's a pretty laid back guy most of the time, but he has no problem telling me to back off it's a little rude sometimes.

Gadget's only 4 months old, so I'm sure her personality will change with time. So far she is extremely tolerant (her veterinarian tells us that every time she sees her). I love having a kitty that will just purr at me and go floppy when I pick her up.

Her worst trait is that she's a kitten, lol. She is RELENTLESS when it comes to bothering Gizmo. In his opinion, that is her worst trait.
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Re: what is your cats best and worst traits?


Best traits: Cute and cuddly
Worst traits: Needy (constantly begging for either brushing, treats, food, or a fishing pole toy)


Best traits: Affectionate, well behaved
Worst traits: Pesty, quite vocal at times, binge eater, slobbers on your hand when you pet him
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Re: what is your cats best and worst traits?

Great thread.

Peggy's good points:
Her meow. She doesn't have a "normal" cat meow... it's very hard to describe, but it's very cute, and very funny shen she's really trying to get our attention.
Her markings. I never really wanted a white cat with black, I wanted the other way around. Now I can see that I was being silly, she's a stunner

Bad points:
Her Dr Jekyl and Ms Hyde characteristics. She can be sweet as anything one minute and a raging torrent of claws and teeth the next. In some ways I like this, but she can be a pain (literally).
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Re: what is your cats best and worst traits?


Bad - she's very stupid, just five minutes ago I had to rescue her from the bathtub because she got herself 'trapped' behind the clear liner. No matter how much she paws at it she can't comprehend that it's a solid object in front of her and she has to go around, and this is common with any clear plastic.
Good - she's beyond adorable, and has an insatiable appetite for play!


Bad - tends to jump straight from the litter box to the desktop, scattering litter everywhere, and only poses adorably when the camera is nowhere to be found
Good - she's very smart, likes to sit and watch Fergie do stupid things and learns from her sister's mistakes. She also follows me around wherever I go like a faithful puppy and is very quick to my side if I'm upset.

~Diana, happy mom to Fern and Fergie
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Re: what is your cats best and worst traits?

Murphy's good traits:
Sweet, sweet disposition, never does anything remotely aggressive, and we've never heard him hiss in 1.5 years of having him. Also, he gave me an incredibly good memory, which was the excitement on his face when the shelter woman brought him out to be seen by us. It was like he was a kid going to Disneyland.

Bad Traits:
Some loud and repetitive moans and meowing when he wants attention . . . and that boy wants attention.

Holly and Murphy
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Re: what is your cats best and worst traits?

Good: She has finally become a love bug in her "old age". And she's a little nut job, runs around the house like she's a kitten.
Bad: She's still tearing up paper and cardboard, opening cabinets and generally causing havoc.

Good: He has never done anything destructive, doesn't scratch, rarely gets on the counters. And once he gets to know someone, he's a total attention hound, will sit in anyone's lap.
Bad: He's a jerk...bullies the girls and can just be mean.

Good: She's beautiful but not a diva, her personality is completely opposite of her looks...she's a total goofball. Friendly to everyone, very snuggly. Very forgiving, whether it's Kobi for beating on her or the Devil Laundry Basket for chasing her.
Bad: She jumps off my bookcase headboard and lands on my stomach while I'm sleeping. Pulls up all the heat/ac vent covers, terrorizes The Grinch and likes to swing the picture above the bed. She also has to "help" me do everything.

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Holly, Misty & their friend, Jake, the dog.
Onyx, Callie May, Maggie & Kobi forever in my heart.
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Re: what is your cats best and worst traits?


Best - her face when she is hungry, i love it

Worst - Destroying my furniture


Best VERY playful kitty

Worst - isnt one


best - hmmm haha

worst - pooping on the ground
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Re: what is your cats best and worst traits?

Jaxon's best qualities are that he is independant but still loves attention and can be very affectionate (only when he feels like it though), he isn't needy, even though he doesn't always like to cuddle he likes being around my boyfriend and I, and will follow us aroung the house. I love his curiousity and his playfulness. I don't know what I would do without my baby. I've had him since he was about 3-5 days old, I can't believe he is already almost a year old now.

The only thing negative that I can think of is when he gets really happy he starts drooling. haha.
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Re: what is your cats best and worst traits?

The Good Entertaining, her meow, the way she keeps every animal in the house inline no matter how long they've been here
The Bad Not into cuddling, drools, matts easily on her stump
The Ugly Trimming her nails = her turning into Cujo, her fear of nothing (oh look open door! oh look the oven is open and mama is taking food out of it lets try to jump in!)

The Good affectionate
The Bad abuses the dog, is constantly stealing food/talking/in your face (and I mean like inches from your face almost 24/7)
The Ugly His vet bills
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