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My cat in 1 day has completly changed pls help

I have had my cat Sam for 2 and a half years since he was 5 weeks old.He has always been such a great cat has only hissed at me once the 2 and a half years ive had him.He lays on my desk for hours while I play on the comp and I pet him and he comes up on my bed at night/watches me take showers follows me around and always has his tail up and in a great mood.I probably got 100 headbutts a day from him and I have never been scared to pet him or anything ever.

But 2 days ago his personality just switched.I got up and was walking to the bathroom and he was following me like usual with his tail up when out of nowhere he hissed at me and attacked my leg.I backed down and he continued hissing at me so I had to go into the bathroom and shut the door.He meowed/cried for 10 mins untill I came out and he hissed again as soon as I opened the door and went for my leg again.I closed the door and he cried outside it.So I opened it and ran into bedroom and closed the door and he was hissing and chasing me the entire time.His hair and tail puffed up.I put on 3 layers of pants so he wouldnt cut my legs up and I walked out and he clawed at my pants than ran under the bed.He was dfefinetly not playing I know my cat and this was very aggresive behavior.Than for about 2 hours he continued to attack my leg from under the bed and hiss at me on and off almost like he hated me.It broke my heart.Since I was wearing 3 layers Sam really didnt hurt me and I think he knew he didnt hurt me anymore so he either calmed down or he gave up.After the 2 hours his tail went back up and I was able to pet him and we finally went to bed and he gave me several headbutts and let me rub his belly on my bed before going to sleep altho I was a little shaken up and cautious petting him.

Yesterday he was his old self again.He layed on the counter and my desk and we played a little and everything was fine altho I was for the first time since I had him a little cautious of him being close to my face and hands.Than around 8 I was getting ready to go to the gym but my cat wouldnt let me leave.He's done this many times before when I go to leave for work hed grab my leg not in a harmful way at all and id pick him up and sit him on the counter and kiss him before leaving.But this time he had that look in his eyes from the other night.You can just tell something is different.He started to hiss again so I jumped up on my counter so he couldnt attack my leg again.After a min his tail went back up and he jumped on the counter with me and started meowing.I petted him and he gave me his usual headbutts than he gave me that look and hissed and clawed my face altho he didnt get me that good.I got pissed and just stormed out of the house and slammed the door.When I came home he still wasent himself.I bought a laser pointer so when he gets that look I can distract him with it which seemed to work for awhile.But its like he all of a sudden has split personalitys.He always follows me with his tail up and im really really nervous about letting him get to close.Because when he gets close to me he gets this weird look and starts hissing and I gotta be real careful to move away from him without him lashing out at me again.It would be 1 thing if he hissed and kept his distance but he follows me like he wants to cuddle/attention THAN when he is right there he turns on me and starts to hiss and attacks me.This came out of NOWHERE idk what to do.Im gonna bring him to a vet because maybe he's sick idk.Id hate to have to get rid of him I love my cat but I cant live on edge like this in my own house.

Its like he just snapped/got a different personality the other night I dont get it.

Now the only 2 other times ive seen him hiss was when I introuduced him to fellow cats back when I lived in PA.He cried and hissed at the other cats and went after them so I seperated them and thats the last time I let him "play" with any other animal.

The other time was about 3 months ago here in florida where I currently live.He was on my porch which has a net all around it.And a little black dog came by and my cat started to hiss and got puffed up.But instead of hissing at the dog he attacked me.He calmed down after about 30 mins and he was fine.Didnt attack or hiss at me at all.Altho he seemed a little uneasy for a day or so afterwards but our relationship was fine.This time is completly different.

Sorry I know its kinda long but any1 have any idea what could have happened.Its like my lovable cat of 2 and a half years just snapped.And he doesnt know weather to cuddle with me or attack me.
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Re: My cat in 1 day has completly changed pls help

Does your home have windows where he can see other cats walking by or in your yard? Misdirected aggression is something that can easily happen with cats. Here is an article that explains it and give some ideas on how to deal with it.


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Re: My cat in 1 day has completly changed pls help

mmm i agree with katlover13 my little one acts the same when she sees other cats in the yard, this one time i went to pick her up from behind... and SLASH i will never do that again!
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Re: My cat in 1 day has completly changed pls help

Since this is happening when you're interacting with your cat, not when he's focused on outside it doesn't feel like misdirected aggression to me. The incident with the dog was definitely misdirected aggression. Typically misdirected aggression occurs when the cat is focused on outside, sees something (usually another cat) that upsets him and you walk into the room and he immediately goes on the attack. And the cat usually doesn't swing back and forth between acceptance and attacking.

I think the first thing to do would be to rule out any medical issues, so a vet visit is in order. If nothing is found, some Feliway room diffusers may help (Feliway is a synthetic cat pheromone that is used for calming).

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Re: My cat in 1 day has completly changed pls help

I am very sorry you have to go through this but I agree with doodlebug. I think a trip to the Vet is in order. If the issue hasn't calmed down any then there could be something wrong with him or something that happened to him while you were away. Hopefully you are able to figure out the problem. GL!
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Re: My cat in 1 day has completly changed pls help

First, if Sam's hasn't yet undergone his yearly wellness checkup, you now have the perfect reason to have it done.

My sense is that this is really a behavioural issue. There are several articles I'd suggest you read here ... index.html particularly the last one "Re-Directed Aggression Towards Humans "'ve presentd an excellent description of what has occurred - I think you'll be able to review and analyze things with some additional reference points.
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Re: My cat in 1 day has completly changed pls help

Off the top of my head. Have you changed soaps, lotions, laundry detergents and such lately. The erratic nature of his behaviour suggests that at times he may not recognise you. He may just be sick with something that has changed his odor detection, ie. a head cold.

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Re: My cat in 1 day has completly changed pls help

JusJim brought up something I was thinking of, too...that of an odor trigger for his aggressive displays. It almost seems like he is happy to see you and when he gets close enough to smell you, his attitude changes 180.

I read a book about a horse who did this. Every time the woman came outside and spoke to the horses, one horse would go nutso-bonzo, rearing, bucking, striking and squealing while rampaging around his stall or paddock. The owners were very sad, especially the woman who thought the horse *hated* her voice and couldn't come down to the barn and enjoy their horses.
The Trainer (a behavioral expert) came to view the problem and met the gentleman who took him to see the barns/horses while his wife finished getting ready and would meet them at the barn. The Trainer thought the horses looked wonderful, very nicely kept and happy and relaxed. Then, the woman came out the back door and trilled a happy little "Yoohoo, I'm on my way!" ...and one horse pinned his ears, lowered his head, swished his tail and shuffled his feet. As the woman got closer and closer, the horse escalated his behavior until he was once again, rampaging around the paddock.
The woman was almost in tears, so certain her horse hated the sight of her. turns out that when she got close enough to her husband and the Trainer, the Trainer was just about knocked over with her perfume. He found a tactful way to tell them it wasn't *her* the horse objected to, it was her perfume. There was something in the perfume that set off a trigger in her horse and because a horse's sense of smell is so strong, it was probably so annoying it was painful for him. She stopped wearing fragrances at the barn and her problem was solved.

Lets hope you and your kitty have as easy a fix...

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Re: My cat in 1 day has completly changed pls help

Thx for the feedback.He seems better today.I think I know the problem.He hasent been Neutered cause I REALLY didnt want to neuter him and since he is a indoor cat and never goes outside I wanted to avoid doing it.But a few people have been telling me he might sense a female cat in heat and he looks at me as competition which is pretty funny.Also he is 2 and a half and is changing from a kitten to a adult cat so its fairly common he gets extra aggresion.Im sure if I neuter him he will calm down and hopefully become his lovable lazy self again.I dont want a hyper pet hence why I got a cat instead of a dog.
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Re: My cat in 1 day has completly changed pls help

*spoken loudly, with heavy southern drawl* "Well, that thar's yer problem!"

In all seriousness, getting your male kitty neutered will make you both much happier in the long run. The surgery is very minor for male cats, and recovery pretty quick.
Ask your vet for a few days supply of pain meds for your kitty, if he or she doesn't volunteer them.

The hormone driven behaviors that serve a male kitty well in the wild, only make him frustrated and miserable in a domestic setting.
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