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Your love for cats is...?

a) inherited. My parents always had cats when I was growing up.
b) stumbled upon. The cats actually decided to adopt me.
c) result of a development in me.

For me it's b.

I had never liked or wanted cats in my life till 6 months ago. I was raised in a family that hates animals and house pets (on both sides of my parents' families, no exceptions!).

I have a big lunch at work, so I started bringing home the leftovers to maybe eat for dinner if I got hungry and didn't feel like preparing anything. Two strays that live in the building's low roofs and beg for dinner at the building door every evening, noticed there was often a nice smell coming from my bag as I passed by them ignoring them. So they started meowing louder when it was me passing by and displaying their best talents as poor creatures. I still didn't relent.

One day I had an expensive chorizo I had bought and cooked but didn't like, and I felt I just couldn't throw it away. So I went downstairs, opened the building door and threw it to one of the meowing strays. I was astonished at the reaction: instead of eating it, she sat by it and cried and cried of happiness. Only after she calmed down did she devour it.

That was the turning point. From that moment, I've been her humble servant, her co-begger's servant, the servant of 20+ more strays downstairs and one of them whom I adopted not because I like cats but because he seems a former house cat so one can't leave him in the streets.

I have little of a life apart from my cats, and I love it that way. I love each of them like my own child and would give my life for them.

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b). As I've said in various other threads, they both found me. I never owned a cat in my life nor have I wanted to. Miu pushed her way into my heart when I saw her at Petsmart. She was on her side and doing cute little kitten moves. Something inside me snapped and I knew I had to be with her. Captain Jack appeared out of nowhere and would sit in front of my house staring at Rocky the dog for hours. How he decided to come to my house despite Rocky barking at him and Miu hissing through the window, is beyond me.
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Tom Cat
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B as well.. Always been a dog person, but these two just found their way into my life. So happy they did. <3

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B) Misa only found me. It was also an unexpected graduation gift. Hehe.. I love animals and I wanted to have at least a companion animal. My family loves animals. So yeah.
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I guess I'm a little bit B and a little bit C. I wanted a dog, but the timing wasn't right (it still isn't...I just don't have time to be home for a dog right now), so I asked my boyfriend if a cat would be ok instead. Neither of us had ever owned one, and I had some very stereotypical ideas about them (that my father ingrained in me from a young age...he HATED cats!), so I was kinda skeptical. B comes in because Samantha totally chose me at the shelter...she wasn't my first, second, or third choice, but she insisted heavily, and I fell in love with her pretty quick....I think it was her purr that did me in.
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Cool Cat
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A. for me ...

My parents had cats on the farm I grew up on - they were all outdoor cats but I adored them - couldn't wait to get one of my own when I grew up and had my own place!
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I guess c. My mom grew up on a farm & didn't particularly want to have to take care of animals. So as a kid I had a couple of parakeets in succession. Finally when I was in 5th grade, we got a little Yorkshire terrier & my mom fell in love with it. He was a great dog. Some of my neighbors had cats, but they were just sort of lurking around.

I got married and my husband's family always had cats. So we got one & I have never had any other type of pet since.

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When I was growing up our family had dogs---an English Cocker Spaniel as a pet and a Walker Hound my dad used for hunting. Both my dad and mom didn't like cats at all, and like a lot of girls I was horse crazy as well. When I grew up, married and had a family, I had an Arabian/Amer. Saddlebred horse, a Saluki dog, but the cat attraction was (b). Neighbours found a bag of 4 young kittens dumped in a ditch near their house.....we took one brown mackeral tabby longhaired girl. Unfortunately "Tasha" had to be put down at 8 mos. due to an injury from another cat. Then shortly afterward, a 5 mo. old Russian Blue/Manx kitten followed my kids home one day, no owner was found, so he stayed. At cat shows I discover it was the Manx part of "Max" that spurred my interest into 18 yrs. of breeding and showing Manx, especially the longhaired ones. When my last Manx died I couldn't find any registered ones in southern Ont., so went to my second breed of choice, Devon Rex, and found a breeder not far from where I lived. She had 3 litters of kittens, and a white girl kitten, kept getting in my lap on two visits, so Alkee as I called her, chose me. A few months later, I got her male half-brother that I call Zuba. Now he's hubby's baby.
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..due to...

my friendly parasites.

OK, my dad used to feed me small strips of raw beef when I was very, very young. Toxoplasma Gondii resides in beef at times.

Also when I was very, very young, my parents gave me a kitten as a playmate. All this was long, long ago in a land far away (from where I am now.

It's great what you're doing for the strays.

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A and also C, I mean, with A usually comes C, doesn't it? I grew up with my father, and was close with my father's parents (my grandparents) and his sister (my aunt). My grandparents had two dogs ever since I was born and my aunt has always had at least one cat. I didn't have a cat in my house until I wad five but I was the one that wanted one. I also grew up with fish, mice and a hamster in my pre-teen and teenage years Qhen i was young for seeral years I marked snail shells in te garden and kept track of them with my dad, too. I've always gone things with animals. My dad loved animals too (he grew up with many dogs and cats) so we got a cat since I wanted one so badly.

My mother's side of the family I don't know much about, most live in Ontario. As for my mother, who I now have a good relationship with, when I was young she didn't own any pets (except fish). When I turned nine or ten she got two cats. I know she loves them but I think she falls far more into the B category for caring about cats and dogs; she didn't have them growing up and when she was in her twenties she gave away her dog too (I can't recall why but I know I could never do such a thing), so I suppose she isn't as much of an animal lover but she still cares for them.

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Along with the dogs
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