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I know each cat is different, but I'm still sad.

Its been about 3 years now that I lost Meow. Meow was a 17 y/o DMH/DLH that I pretty much grew up with.

When I first met her she was the meanest little **** in the whole wide world. She started out as my aunt's cat but gradually she just became mine. She started out as indoor and then we moved and gradually all the cats were transitioned to outdoor. Meow's temperament slowly improved as she got older. Gradually she came when I called her, followed me around the yard, lounged in my lap. Me and only me, to everyone else she was a mean little ****.

One year we went to Mexico to visit family and right before we left I noticed Meow had a lump on her side. Told mom and she said we would get her to the vet when we got back. We were got about 5 days, came back with no Meow in sight....

2 weeks go by, every morning I had gone out before school and called Meow. One morning I got a response. Under the diving board came streaking my Meow, and she was wraith thin. And that lump was gone, a hole in her side with evidence of stitches. Someone caught my Meow and took her to get her tumor (believed) removed. And so I begged and pleaded and Meow moved inside. "Until she was well" The first night was rough, she went around the house screaming her head off. I got up, called her and from then on she slept with me at night.

Meow got well, but stayed inside. Every night she slept with me, either right beside me or on my back.

A few years went by and Meow got put back outside. She was growing older and older each day. But each day she greeted me and loved on me each morning. I snuck her into the house often, and so long as I watched her (she was a scratcher) the sneaking was overlooked.

One year Mom started talking about moving. and one day I was shocked when i got a call. We have a new house, its 30 minutes away. Meow was 17 years old then. I went and bought a cat leash so train the cats on it. Meow of course did fine, Booger and beaudreaux were not so thrilled. But they all took to it eventually.

We finally moved the cats. Mom wanted to transition them to outside, so they were put in the pool house. The next morning Booger and Beaudreaux were gone. They managed to force open a window and booked it. Meow was left.

For 2 months She was there. I took her out every day, loved on her often. Soon I didnt need the leash. I was working on mom to allow her inside again. She was old and needed home comfort. She never had unsupervised outside time.

One day I came home from work. Meow was gone. My Meow was gone. It turned out my aunt decided it was time to let her out. I searched for her for hours. Checking the properties around us, calling her name to no avail. She was gone.

I blamed my aunt for her and truthfully I have not forgiven her and its been almost 3 years. I know at 17 Meow wasn't doing well and that she would have needed to visit the vet one final time. But I feel robbed of the last few days/weeks I could of had with her.

My aunt of course felt terrible. Mom and her talked and agreed to let me have another cat if I wanted to since my sister was going to get one.

I had a verbal contract with someone over a horse and they broke it, to try and make things right she gave me two kittens. Manx kittens. Enter Syble. Syble was a rumpy Manx. Which means she had no tail. Soon we noticed she had some issues. upon research into the breed it was determined Syble had the Manx syndrome. A few hundred $ later we were told if she makes it to the 1 year mark, we will be in the clear. She is now 3 years old. But starting out she was *my* cat. She loved on me and doted on me. But soon after my aunt's dog Kyna died. And feeling her need Syble attached herself to my aunt. (hence the nickname traitor)

I decided to leave Syble with my aunt when she started crying at the thought of me taking Syble with me when I moved out. As angry as i was about loosing Meow, and how it upset me that Syble loved my aunt more. I just couldn't take her.

So I got married, moved out. Enter Nero and Tobay. I love them both. But it is still not the same. Nero is the closest to Meow that Ive come to in 3 years. But its not the same. I know each cat is different and unique.

I just dont know what to do...

But I cant help but go. "I just want my Meow back."

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Aw! So sorry to hear. You have a very special kitty here.
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This makes me sad. I hope Nero and Tobay grow into cats that shower you with as much love as Meow did.
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I know each cat is different, but I'm still sad

I understand completely. I lost my beloved Kato 7 months ago. He was the most affectionate cat I have ever had and I miss him terribly. I have 2 Siberians that are lovely cats, but the bond just isn't the same. Like you I know that each cat is different, but I miss that level of affection. The Sibs just aren't that affectionate. They don't like being touched and I love close cuddling with cats. Can you teach cats to be more affectionate? I have been trying, but I think that is where the "all cats are different comes in." Everything I read says some are affectionate some aren't. I guess maybe I had one that was and I will treasure that always. In the meantime I haven't given up that the Sibs will become more affectionate in time. I am going to be persistent!

My beloved Kato enjoying one of his favorite pastimes - sleeping in the sun. (I hope the picture posts - I am new to the forum).
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Such a sweet photo, bivlop. I'm sorry for your loss.
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I can relate. I lost my beloved dog Mini about 7 years ago and I still think about her every single day. I got her as a teenager and she carried me through all the crap of high school and into college/marriage. I had two other dogs when she passed and while I loved them I never had that bond with them that I had with her.

Then 4 years ago I got my first cat and I swear he's my old girl reincarnated. He has the same mannerisms, sleeps as my pillow the way she did, talks constantly like she did and is just my little angel.

I know it's hard and it hurts, if I look at her picture too long I still cry. As strong as my bond with MowMow is, I still think about Mini mint every day but now he's here for me and I take comfort in thinking that perhaps it's her soul and it's meant to stay with me throughout my life..in one form or another.
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I understand. I have two sweet furbabies now, but I find myself frustrated that they don't get me the same way Zoe did. I miss knowing how she would respond to things. I miss that she understood basic commands. I know she didn't always and that bond grew over time, but I just get so frustrated sometimes when these two don't follow the rules or act inappropriately - well ways that Zoe understood to be inappropriate like shoving my hands when trying to fill the food bowl. Zoe knew to wait patiently and would only eat when I was finished. If I had to open another can or whatnot I could tell her to wait and she would! These two I'm lucky to finish opening the can and they're jumping and climbing and meowing.

I'm having a lot of difficulty teaching them manners and I miss my sweet Zoe who had wonderful table manners. So much so that sometimes she would eat at the table at her own spot! So cute. These two it would be a nightmare to even consider it.

Pedro & Apple are sweet and lovey and so much fun and they do keep me laughing. But they are not Zoe.

I'm so sorry you are missing your Meow. I think many of us here will understand how you're feeling right now.

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