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Jr. Cat
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Funny how fate works

So last Wednesday, we took our boys back to the shelter to get fixed and their rabies shot. Everything went great the boys acted like they didn't even have anything done to them! Anyways when we were picking them up we saw a kitty up for adoption that was exactly what I wanted when I first started my search for a kitten.It was a classic brown tabby with white markings, a kitten that resembled a past cat that was very dear to me. But now I can't even imagine not having Sherlock or Loki. Its crazy how I had wanted something so badly ( I know its bad to choose on looks but I miss my Willow soo much and am sooo in love with the classic tabby) and had searched for months but was never successful. I really think Sherlock (as well as Loki) was meant to be in my life.

Any one else have similar experinces?
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Yep, when I got Mack, I was actually there to pick up his sister. I had seen pictures of each of them, but had fallen for his sister in the picture. But when I got there she wasn't very social at all. The lady actually handed me Mack right away and said "This is the one I think you should bring home." I just smiled and held him for a few minutes while she got his sister. But when I tried to hold her, she only let me hold her for a second and then ran under the couch. I never did see her again, so did come home w/ Mack who is the snuggliest, sweetest kitten.
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Cool Cat
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When I went to the rescue house to look at cats, I thought I knew what I wanted. A male tuxedo or all black cat, at least five years old.

I came home with a sassy young spitfire torbi and couldn't be happier. She definitely chose me and if there's such a thing as a heart-cat, she's it.
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I was supposed to adopt two kittens from a CF member (not around here anymore), but the kitten they were going to keep died, so they decided to keep the other two (I totally understood). But I had traveled to Los Angeles twice to spend time with them, and I was disappointed.

Then I saw Cali's picture on Petfinder and thought she was adorable. (If you click on the link below my signature, that's the twins' Petfinder pictures.) I wanted to either adopt siblings or bonded kittens. I saw another calico kitty (Charlee), but I was told they weren't related, were in different foster homes, and didn't have the same birth date. I kept pestering the rescue, and FINALLY found out they were indeed sisters, in the same home. The rest is brat-history.

And fate.

Cali, Cinderella, Cleo and Charlee

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Always in my heart, my lovely Cinderella, running free at the Bridge.
Always in my heart, my sweet Cali, running free at the Bridge.

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Jr. Cat
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I went in for Izzy (calico and young) because I thought she would be good for my daughter. Realized she has major cattitude (I grew up with calicos) and decided to bring her home anyway (cause she was determined I was taking her home!) and got a little older, grey tabby for my daughter who we named Taylor for Taylor Swift. Izzy is more than some can handle and was almost too much for me, but I couldn't imagine not having either of them now. She still has her crazy moments (sounds like an elephant running around our house and has such attitude), but I think she is purrfect.
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Tom Cat
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With Zoe I had picked out a grey kitten and thought I'd wanted a grey kitten for ages. In fact the first time I saw her when they were about 2 weeks or so old I joked to my friend that he should put her down because she was just so horribly ugly! When they were about 5 weeks old I stopped by to visit again. While I was trying to encourage the little grey sibling to play with me, this sweet little black kitten sat herself in front of me. She kept tilting her head from side to side. She wasn't particularly interested in playing (never really was!), but just wanted to sit near me and watch me. That's how she spent the rest of her life after she stole my heart that day. She'd been promised to someone else already, but thankfully my friend put my choice as priority. She was my soul kitty.

After she passed I decided I wanted another black kitty. The local rescue I'd decided to use had a tuxedo black mommy & kitten (Pedro's Mommy & twin brother). I went to visit with the intention of calling them my own even though I have most of my life not been a fan of the tuxedo pattern. I was definitely intent on at least one older cat plus an older kitten. Definitely black. When I got there I fell in love with Apple. And then I had a choice of 3 in kitties in my mind - Pedro, his brother, and another kitty with brown colouring. Pedro kept tugging at my mind. So here I am now with a grey tuxedo kitty & a multi-coloured booted kitty. Can't imagine having chosen differently! (Incidentally Pedro's brother went to friends of mine and his Mommy went to my ex after much not so gentle nudging from me haha).

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Love these stories guys! Okay, this one is a bit long... sorry!

My heart cat was my Sundae, a sweet and awkward looking Calico. I had come home from vacation to a mother and litter of kittens in my garage. Over the next few hours she moved all the them to a different spot after seeing this place was occupied. She left behind the runt, so young the umbilical cord was still attached. I took her inside and the rest is history.

Every vet I took her to told me she wasn't going to make it. She was too small, NEVER nursed from mother, if they leave them it's for a reason and blah blah blah. She thrived very well with me and made it all the way to 12 years old where she lost her battle due to an issue with her heart. Pretty young, but not for bad for a cat marked 'dead' from day one with a weak heart. She was skinny, TINY little paws, rat like tail, big ole' head that didn't fit her body. But she was so beautiful to me! Everyone would call her my alien cat, lol. She had a purr you could hear from the other room, but never meowed. She had these peculiar things she would do. Like piling up plastic shopping bags in the corner to sleep on, or hoarding stuffed animals behind the couch like a ferret.

I unfortunately lost her on Mother's Day this year. Shortly after, I received my Georgia as a gift and was content, no more cats for me. I was still grieving. Then, as some of you know, I found a stray kitten in the road on Father's Day. He's 5 weeks old now, and the other day he brought me to tears when he started dragging a plastic bag to the corner of the room, and fell asleep.
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After I lost Mina, I went in search of another kitty. I had looked at some rescues and thought I had found the one that I wanted. A little grey tabby girl. Then I got to the adoption site ( a saturday petsmart thing) , and met Archie. They told me to open the cage and give him some love if i wanted to. Well I did, and he flipped over on his back and started purring for belly rubs, then promptly curled around my hand purring and purring. I couldnt leave with out him. Its interesting that he looks nearly identical in markings to my Mina, and Id probably never have chosen him had I not met him. But now I couldn't imagine life with out him.

As for Winston, I had just gone to get some cat food on the way home from a weekend trip and happened to see this stunning red tabby. Then they plunked him in my arms...the rest is history
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Cool Cat
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I think both of my cats were meant to be here. but mostly in hindsight.

For simba, in the moment, it was "mommy can i pleeeeease, if dad says its okay??" (well, long story short mom said yes figuring my dad would *nnneeeeevvver* cave. But he did). we (well, suprise to me) got him a day after my neighbours got butterscotch - his littermate.

Boo on the other hand had found her little way to a pet store (that usually only carries products). she smelled the food and was waiting in the morning. drunken stumble is the best i could describe her walking around the store. eating food like it was oxygen. my dad went to the store, saw her, was almost in love and almost just brought her home. saying to the store people "dont tell me daughter" sarcastically. Well, later that day my mom went to the same pet store, for something else we needed, and there she was. starving but still so cute with all her fluff. (mom went there figured "its closer, and surely ill be able to resist a skinny sick looking cat") not so much. so then mom called the house and asked my dad what i was doing, and said to bring me over to the store. Then i, although scared for the already dominant Simba, fell in love and we had to have her!!

Boo's story i think says she is especially meant for us. nobody else that went in could house her. the condition was "as long as we can bring her back if it doesnt work out with our current pets". had to give simba some adjusting time, but he came around.

i think theyre both meant to be here now, because if they werent, i would live in an animal-less house. i just could not do with that.

So in a way, therye kind of both here because of my dad thats really something awesome to think about now. ive loved them always but they always make us smile and laugh, even in his absense. maybe it was all part of fate? if fate exists at all?

before we got max, our dog, the original pet of this 'round' of pets, for a bit my parents swore "no more pets". but then some time passed, the pain healed some from putting to sleep our dog before him, and my dad needed the "pitter patter of little feet" (and i was 17, far past 'little')

hmmmm... in a funny way all of the animals that have been in my life for the last roughly 10 years, have been because of him. Im just really realizing this right now. its so nice very unfortunately hes not here as well to enjoy them, but my animals really are theraputic even if theyre not 'trained' for it. having them around really does change my life for the better
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