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How come that makes me angry??

EDIT: I cross-posted this. I also think he should move to Asia and eat them if he hates them so much
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I wrote a letter.


Jack Knox,

You've heard it once, and you'll hear it again. You disgrace humans. Us humans never cease to amaze me. Drag PitBulls by cars to kill them. Shoot-dogs on site just because they MAY bite.. Why don't we shoot people on site, because they MAY be holding a weapon?

Cat owners should be put down... Then so should the people who work every second of their lives trying to save wild-life. Because of us, many animals have become extint, and ARE becomming extinct. The beautiful tigers are falling, lions territory shrinks, and trees continuously fall.

There is something in this world called a 'life'. Anything with a heart has a 'life'. I'm guessing you must be one of those rare people who don't have a heart.

Don't speak from your mind when your so-called heart can't have it's say. I demand that you work in a shelter and put every animal that steps in there to sleep. And before you do, look into those eyes and try to read its mind. They will say, "I was once loved, I once kept feet warm, and filled joy into many people and children. Where did my family go? What did I do wrong?" Just because they moved into a no-pets apartment because of people like YOU.
People like you make animals endangered. People like you don't know that 90% of all murders start with killing animals. Are you going to be the next murder because of your hate for animals? Could be. If you don't have the heart to even strike a helpless kitten, then you probably won't have the heart to strike a person. If you have no respect for life, then you are the one that should be put down. I have a respect for all life. Even those creepy little venomous spiders. No animal should be killed just because someone hates it.

What has a cat ever done to you? You must have never met a decent cat owner in your life. Cat's love laying on your lap, purring, kneading you with their sharp claws all in love. Yes, they do hold a grudge when abused, but don't we humans also? The cat won't be mad if you're late from work, poor, can't live indoors, eats the worst food you can possibly find. All they want is loved, petted, and most importantly, understood.

Do your fair share of research before you attack anything straight on. You should not qualify as "Times Colonist", all writers know that you must be careful what you say, or you can be sued for personal damaged or be held liable. But you didn't say that person directly? Oh yes you did. You just insulted ALL cat owners. One day, when you're taken to court, don't say I didn't tell you so.

By the way, did you know humans are scientifically called animals? Kill all of us cat-lovers if you want, but then you'll never meet one person who has a heart.

Emily Jackson - Cat Owner


Whatcha think?
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Well that's one of the more worthless articles I have ever read.

Where is this persons proof that cats carry SARS?
From all I've read when this first started becoming a large problems was that NO it is not from cats and dogs, which was a big concern of mine, as I know a large majority of the public would get scared and send all their animals to the pound.
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when he said he had nothing against cats.... i think he lied.

and what about people who own both cats and dogs? what does he think about them?

i think he was probably mean to a kitty when he was small and got a swat or two, and now thinks all cats are the devil.
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Just another narrow minded human (if you can even call him human).

Aonir, I applaud your letter but do you think it would even register with someone so brutally opinionated (and lacking a heart as well)?

What is even more frustrating is that the editor actually published such a BS article. Obviously an anti-cat person as well.

You can send your comments to the editor at:

[email protected]

Not like it will make a difference but if you would like to vent at them about what an idiot this Jack Knox is.
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I sent my 2 cents to the editor. How about bombaring them with e-mails. Don't give yourself away in the subject line or they may never open the mail. Here's mine:

Regarding the article that cat owners should be put down, this Jack Knox is a completely uneducated idiot! To say that he has nothing against cats and wishes no harm to them is a bunch of BS because he clearly contradicts himself in the letter.

His comments just prove that he knows NOTHING about cats and somebody who knows NOTHING about a subject is in no position to write an article about it. And the fact that YOU actually published such BS makes you no better than him.

What a crock!
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a couple of things

first, what are the odds of a cat being exposed to a person with SARS... especially an indoor cat.

secondly, SARS has only affected a handful of people, and the effects are rarely more than the common cold. the common cold can also be transfered by a cat, and the common cold affects a lot more people than SARS. so, cat owners should have been 'put down' long ago.

third, this is merely an opinion column, not a news item. the lewder the column, the more papers they sell.

fourth, forget about it. haters will be haters, no matter what the topic.

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The editor of the times-colonist replied to my e-mail and said it's a humor column. Not to mention that he was rather cocky about it as well. I went back to it and I don't see anything stating that it was written in humor. We all know that if any article of that sort was written toward dogs many dog lovers would be irate about it as well.

Where anybody finds humor in animal cruelty or the suggestion of it is beyond me.
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They are ignorants of the power that printed word has on people. Or they have negative feelings towards cats. I won't expect everybody to like cats, dogs or animals in general but I do expect that each being be treated with respect. And that includes not making such a negative propaganda for cats, in this case.
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