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Stray kitty showed up again! YAY!!!

My husband got home from work tonight and the first thing he did was check outside to see if the little guy was around. Yep!, there he was just to the north of our backyard again.

So this time my husband goes outside our fence to go get the little guy, brings him back to the edge of our yard and lays down on the ground where kitty proceeds to actually take a nap on my husband's belly! It was so adorable!

He hung around us outside for nearly 3 hours tonight! Oh, and we made some more progress. Now he's letting us pick him up. Just what we were waiting for!

George and Herbie could see everything going on with this little guy and as long as the resident cats were outside with us they really didn't seem to mind the new one too much as long as he was on the other side of the fence. When we came back in the house for some dinner we brought our cats in the house with us and proceeded to let the newbie wander around our yard and kind of smell things up. George and Herbie hated this! Herbie did nothing but growl and whine the whole time. At least they couldn't touch each other.

Well, we said our "goodbyes" and "goodnights" to our new little friend and he ran off actually chasing after a bunny in the neighbor's yard. Crazy little fella! That bunny must have been about 1-1/2 times his size and he didn't seem to think it mattered. We've left one of our backyard gates open for him in case he feels like coming in and cozing up to the patio or something.

Now that we've come this far with him I'm going to go ahead and make an appointment for us to take him to the vet and get checked over for feline diseases and get the little "snip-snip." Since we really haven't been able to see him until after 5 or 6 o'clock in the evening up to this point I think we are going to keep him in our garage the night before the vet appointment so we can be sure and have him around when we need to make the trip. Hubby and are going to go out this weekend and get him his own little bed, food dishes and litter box this weekend and we'll have the "base camp" room all set up for him when we bring him home from the vet.

I'm SO excited! I've never actually encountered and gotten attached to a stray before and it feels so good to be rescuing this little guy from a life of solitude and loneliness. We are a little nervous about how the introduction to George and Herbie is going to go but I think as long as I follow the advice of our vet (which sounded A LOT like the advice I read in an article) things should be okay in the end. It's just going to take a little while. I guess I'll have to learn a little patience. Patience is DEFINITELY not one of my virtues!

One last thing...what to name this little guy? Hubby and I have tossed around a few names and it's so hard to decide. I'll give you the list we've come up with so far and maybe you guys can let us know what you think.

So far we've thought of -
*Tony (as in Tony the Tiger)
*Prince Charming (he really knows how to turn on the charm)
*Izzy (this would follow our current cats alphabetically - "G," "H," and "I"
*Elmo (because he has such a high-pitched meow that he reminds me of Elmo from Sesame Street)
*Mini-Me (he looks slightly like a miniature version of George),
and my husband's favorite *Buddy (he's been going out to talk to the little guy and saying "hey, little buddy" and it kind of has a ring to it.

I would LOVE to name him Frankie (falls right before G and H, haha) because he just looks like that name to me somewhat but one of our next door neighbor's name is Frank and he and his wife might get the wrong idea out of it or something!

Here's a few new pics to enjoy! I'm not in any of them because I'm the better picture taker of the two. Oh well, I'll get some with him shortly! BTW, pay no attention to my husband's LA Lakers sweatshirt. I haven't had a chance to burn the dumb thing after they're humiliating loss last week.

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That's great news to hear. You will need to hold him the night before his snip-snip appointment because he will not be able to eat or drink for 12 hours prior. Ask your vet for sure about this.
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Good thought! We were planning on holding him in our garage the evening before anyway but this makes it a MUST, doesn't it. I just hope the transition into his new home goes smoothly and George and Herbie don't "have kittens" (have a fit) over this. I think they'll be fine in the long run. It's just the getting there I'm concerned about.

We only have 1 extra room on our main floor where we can put this little guy by himself for a while to get used to things and right now George likes to take naps on the bed that's in that room. Not that he doesn't nap anywhere else in the house (he actually owns nearly every piece of furniture around here! ) but he just started hanging out in that room quite often in the last couple of months. I don't want to put the new kitten in our bedroom because George and Herbie both sleep in that room with us - Herbie ON the bed with us and George on my wheelchair right beside me. I can't put him in the "computer room" either because Herbie HAS to be sitting right beside me as I'm working during the day. I don't want to traumatize him too much through this whole ordeal.
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This is so exciting!! I love following this story, because I hate seeing strays(and unfortunately there are so many...) and have always wanted to take one in, but I have always had too many resident cats or not enough space to do so What you are doing is so wonderful, you and your hubby are great people. I hope this might inspire others to adopt a street-kitty
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Hey, everybody! So, what about the names we've come up with so far? I'm kind of anxious to hear other people's opinions.

*Prince Charming
*Mini Me
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Congratulations on your soon to be new addition. You should check out Richo's post on his second cat. His introductions seem to be going pretty good.

Out of the names I like Tony the best. I thought of a couple more.....Mason, Dexter and Simon.
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I'll have to get on that later. Unfortunately, there's this little thing called a "job" I have to do. It's so hard for me to concentrate on trying to work at home some days, but I guess we gotta pay for the kitty food and supplies somehow, huh?

Do you know what Richo's original post on the "introduction" thing is entitled and what message board it's in?
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I vote for Tony, also. That's such a cute name, and I think it fits his looks.
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Tony gets my vote Or how about "Lucky" THAT would sure fit!!!!!!!
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