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Jr. Cat
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second cat question

Right now we have a female cat...about 2 years old. We would like to get a second cat because I'm pretty sure my cat is bored out of her mind all day and would like a playmate.

If we get a second cat, should it be the same sex or different sex than our cat now, or doesn't it matter?
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hey there, im not an expert, but i tried this once and it didnt work. we had a female cat around 3/4 years old and we tried moving in a male cat of the same age. it didnt work out AT ALL, and the female actually ran away.....

so if you have a female....maybe its better to bring in another? or maybe ours was just really fussy and set in her ways. im not sure, maybe we just did the introductions wrong. but your cat might be happier alone since its already been 2 years....??
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Hi! I'm sure you'll find tons of good information on this firum...its great! I think it all depends on the individual cat. Some cats may prefer a friend of a different sex, some like the same, some don't care, and some don't want ANYBODY I think most cats prefer a companion, especially if their owners work or are out of the home more than a few hours a day.And there is nothing like the sight of 2 cats curled up together Right now I have 3 cats, and all were introduced at different times. Two of them are absolutely inseperable. My mom's cat, on the other hand, hates other animals Anyway, I'm sure you would be able to add another cat fairly smoothly and your cat would probably like it, but I'm not making any promises
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I also have a female cat, Angel, she's estimated to be about 1 and a half (I got her from the humane society). I got another kitten about 2 weeks ago. I got a male, CJ. As of right now I can't say that it was the best choice, but I guess it takes about a month for cats to adjust living together. Angel watches CJ's every move and attempts to play with him every once in a while. She's slowly, very slowly, getting used to having another cat in the house. Anyway, I also think it depends on the individual cat. About 6 years ago I had a male cat and then got a female when the male was probably 5 and they never got along. I know for a fact though that Angel would NOT get along with another female because of her attitude (female cats are more independent). So it really depends on what your cat's attitude is.
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I have 3 cats. All were introduced seperately. My oldest was almost 5 when I got the second. He is a male and was an adult cat. The third was introduced when the oldest was 7 and the second was 4. The third was a male kitten. I'm not sure which is best. They all seem to get along fine now
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I totally agree - its so down to the individual cat. I originally had just one cat, Tilly and she was about 5 years old when we got Billy. She has never liked him and despite his best efforts, she won't take any notice of him. He soon gave up and played in the garden with the cat next door instead. When my mum passed away, I took her two cats (which were the family cats anyway) and because they were 16 at the time, Tilly seemed to respect their 'oldness' and remained respectful towards them. No fights or anything, a very easy introduction. Billy tried to play with them too - no luck (poor Billy) They all ignore each other now. When our new kitten came along she was, and still is, universally ignored by all cats except Billy who plays with her. If she is lucky, one of the oldies might sniff her but then they ignore her. Maybe I have had an easy time of it but I haven't had any real problems and thankfully, no runaways.

I think you should go for it and see what happens coz you won't actually know the reactions until you do. I don't know that there is a lot of difference between a female cat and a castrated male cat - if ya know what I mean so maybe you have a choice!
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I don't know that gender matters, really, but I've always had neutered males. My cats get along very well, and I'm sure yours will do well with another companion. I love the fact that they keep each other company. Their antics are entertaining!

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I have just recentlty brought another kitten into my home to keep my one year old form being alone at first it was very hard and was just going to get rid of her but know the play and sleep togther. It's great and they are a lot of fun to watch. I have a female and got another female

Mija ( one year old) dose not like the male cats that come around but she loves LOLA the female kitten.
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Mija ( one year old) dose not like the male cats that come around but she loves LOLA the female kitten
Thats why I mentioned a neutered male... my only male cat was hated by all the ladies until he was neutered and now, whilst they aren't best friends with him, they don't hiss and spit at him every time he walks past.

Or maybe its because he doesn't smell like a wrestlers armpit any more
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