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Too many cats – something that really gets my goat!

I’ll start out by saying that this is probably one of the most balanced boards when it comes to advice about getting a kitty. People tell you what they think – and they stick to their guns – none of that wishy-washy answers I get other places… so let me begin – and if you feel like it – post your comments about what you think too.

If you didn’t know – I’ve been a part of other cat forums before – and I’ve had to deal with what people say – commented – and been ridiculed for it – well I’ll wait no more and tell you how I feel!

People think I’m cruel when I say this, but… I can’t stand it when people adopt so many cats they can’t take care of them! I get to listen to people endlessly prattle on and on about how they think that no one should get more pets than they can handle – then they post another thread telling us how they found another cat – how they don’t have the money – but they are keeping it anyway. I’m not talking about the people who say they don’t have money as in “We will have to have a tighter budget.” But the people who really… really can’t afford to feed or care for the cats they DO have. They think that they are “helping” the cat – which is so far from the truth. I say: try to find a home for it or take it to a no kill shelter. They think that is cruel and uncaring… but what they are doing is far worse! They can’t afford to spay/neuter their animals – much less pay if one happened to get sick – their existing cats are eating garbage for food (that should have vitamin supplements) and now they will either have less – or worse quality food than before, and that my friends – is the ultimate cruelty! Making their existing cats suffer just because they think they are “doing the right thing” by taking in yet another cat… bah! Call me cruel – but that’s what I believe.

What really gets me – is those people who genuinely think that getting too many cats are wrong – give in to these idiots and applaud them for taking them in! They make these guys into heroes and I can’t believe my ears! They aren’t able to afford anything for their animals… not the right kind of food… no toys… no beds… not even a neuter procedure and they say “well done” and “good job.” You know what I think they are? I think they are flaming morons who need to be told what is right and what is wrong! Of course… if one person says “that’s not right” that person is automatically evil - shunned! “What a horrible person!” they say “They have no right to judged because they don’t have enough money… etc…” I don’t understand some people… how they could call themselves cat lovers… and then praise people who are so ignorantly cruel to their animals…
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Yeah, I have a real problem with "pet collectors". (though I WILL admit, it takes a bit of restraint for me to not take in every homeless animal ) I had a friend in high school who was like this....they had about 15 cats, none were fixed, ate crappy food, etc, etc, etc. I also think its important to have enough of yourself to go around. Someone with 15 cats can't possibly spend enough one-on-one time with each one....I like to develop relationships with each one of my pets, right down to my hermit crabs
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I agree with how difficult it is not to adopt every kitty that looks homeless. It must be hard to be an animal lover and want to look after stray cats but not afford it. I had to seriously restrict myself with pets when I moved from my parents. They had a bit of land and we had lots of well looked after animals then I moved to flat and it was torture to be a one pet house. I struggled to accept I couldn't have a zoo I think the big problem with pet collectors is their hearts are bigger than their wallets.

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Gabi, you go girl!! Oh Boy, I'd want you on my side on a debate . I agree with you whole heartedly!! My husband and I are blessed with a big ole house and he is a wonderful provider and I am a stay at home wife ! So in are situation, no kids, 5 indoor and 3 barn cats all extremely well taken care of.
Oh yah, nobody yell about the barn cats now , I can see everyone was ready Our Barn cats live in a heated part of the barn(with a cat door) which is also my husbands workshop. They were here when we bought the farm. There were originally more but they all disappeared one by one and only ones we could catch was Raul, Yuli and Pookey. I originally tried them all in the house(they were my first cats and I was so excited ), they DID NOT want to be there . They would hide, you open the door they would bolt out and disappear for days, catch them again out they would go again. They did the same thing in the barn until we added a cat door. So I got them fixed and because the 3 dears are kinda freaky and feral, I felt them not even adoptable. I love them to pieces and they me, the best that they can (when they're hungry,they love me the most but you can't tame a wild boar. They have actually lived on this farm longer than us To worm and Frontline them each month is a task well dreaded. And I do all their boosters, with the strong arms of my husband holding them. I personally feel cats definitely belong inside but I can't judge anyone because these cats didn't warrant any other choice, in my opinion.
But Gabi when it comes down to it, this just goes so along with the mentality of more is better. People having lots of children when they have all to do to even take care of themselves, or buying many cars, jewelry, designer clothes,electronics and they can't even afford to pay this months rent. Nothing sinful about any of those items mentioned but something is really messed up when purchases are made and no ability to provide or pay for. The cat/dog care in our home are a minute part of our monthly costs but if we couldn't continue to do our charitable giving as we do, I would have to re-evaluate our situation because I also realize that God has blessed us financially to also bless others, not just our pets.
The best advice I have in my humble opinion is:Temperance and wisdom and to prayerfully consider ALL things!
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