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Ugh, some kids (and their parents) make me mad...

maybe I'm just turning into a bitter old man (of 22. hehe), but sometimes the way kids behave near an animal really make me annoyed...

for instance, I went to the animal shelter to look at kittens, and someone brought a big box in with a bunch of young (probably 4 weeks old) kittens. one kid leaned in and tried to hold one, but then DROPS HIM on the shelter floor. so then one of the workers says "please don't put him on the floor. it's dirty." and the kid just doesn't pick him up. I keep yelling in my mind "geez kid, just pick up the kitten and put him back."

and then at a kitten fair, I was looking at some kittens in this big crate. one kid (about 4 years old) kept sticking his finger in the crate, and when the kitten would lick it or paw at it, he'd let out this piercing scream that would scare all the kittens. and then he would just keep doing it, scream after scream.

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I think it has alot to do with how kids are taught to treat animals by their parents. My daughters are very gentle and loving with animals. They would never mis handle them.

However at one time I babysat a girl about a year old. One morning when her dad dropped her off at my house, Minnie who was only about a month old came walking through the room. He swooped her up and dangled her in front of the baby saying look at the kitty like she was a toy or something, I was really upset!

If parents teach kids to behave, they will. You just have to be a good parent.
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I completely understand how you feel. I'm only 19, and still in my "I'm NEVER having kids" stage, but some parents are fully to blame. I work in a restaurant where kids eat free three nights a week, so we're always full of screaming, crying, running kids that the parents seem to ignore the whole time. That's normal. But not watching your kids at an animal shelter is just stupid!

I'm sure if one of the animals got hurt, they would quickly apologize and leave. But if the kid got hurt, it would somehow be the shelter's fault for having the cages within reach, or the animals in the open or something.

Getting a new pet is a wonderful thing for kids, but they need to fully understand how to treat and respect the animal before setting foot in the shelter. If the children are too young to do that, the family should probably wait before getting a new pet.


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Yes, I've seen awful kids around animals.

I volunteer at the adoption center and some of the kids that visit are terrors. Luckily most of the ones that come in to visit (i.e. the serious adopters) seem to be trying to teach their kids proper pet handling. I've seen some really great kids, very patient and quiet around the animals.

I must admit that I'm personally childfree so I'm not a big fan of kids. I still see good and bad both.

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I hear ya. I'm also childfree-by-choice (having realized early on that I would be a lousy mother) and I'm constantly mystified by some of the things that people let their kids do. My cat is off-limits to kids (and if their parents don't enforce it, Assumpta will take matters into her own paws).

I was in a small independent pet-supply store just yesterday, pricing out cat food, and this girl, maybe seven or so, was intent on patting the resident cat, even after her mother told her to "leave the kitty alone." The mother then wandered off and left the girl alone with the cat, who she would pat by sneaking up from the side and petting it hard a couple of times, then jumping away. I saw the cat's tail start to twitch, and explained to the girl that when kittycats twitch their tails like that, they don't want to be touched, and maybe she should just stand a little further away and talk softly to kitty instead. The kid stuck her tounge out at me (?!?!?) and patted the cat again the same way. By this point, the cat had taken just about enough and gave her a good swat in the arm (no scratches, just a good scare). Kid runs screaming to Mom, who starts screaming at the store employees about the dangerous cat, she should sue blahblahblah. I felt obligated to step in and try to explain exactly what had happened, which Mom didn't appreciate. She ended up taking my license plate number out in the parking lot, so I may be going to jail for felony cat defense soon, but I was really annoyed by the whole situation. I've met this cat many times, and he's pretty mellow...but this kid was waaayyyy out of line. My mom would have clocked me for acting like that (probably still would, come to think of it).

Yup...completely mystified as to how stuff like this happens. I know plenty of kids that are perfectly respectful and fine with critters of all kinds, but then there are kids like this one...makes me glad my work at the shelter is done before we open to the public, I know I'd never be able to be that patient!
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some kids do not how to treat a pet at all..i remember one of my mom's friend came over with her daughter...and i ALWAYS put my cat in a room for the amount of time they are there and bring him out afterwards..since i know kida dont do well with pets...well i didnt lock the door..since someone was going to want to go into that room..i assumed the kid wouldnt just go in there or atleast the mom wouldnt let her..but he went and next think i know i come inside my house and go into that room..i see litter is everwhere on the floor! mom told me she was tryin to "play" with my cat and hit him mom got mad at her...if only i was there.. wow..i dont even wanna say wut id do.. that got me so mad! now i forbid them to comeover and if they do...the door will be locked! just annoy me sometimes.

"Cats are smarter than dogs. You can't get eight cats to pull a sled through snow "
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Gudewife - what on earth do you think she was planning on doing with your license plate?? Some people are crazy...


"There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast."
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I think it has something to do with kids not being exposed to animals when they are young. Sometimes parents will get rid of their animals when they have babies because they have too many germs or whatever. They end up getting a kitten or pup - and they don't teach them how to handle it.

It also stupifies me at how idiotic parents are now a'days. They let them run through the resturant - or let them cry and do nothing about it... it's like the kids don't exist. I've seen parents who come screaming to me if I let the F-word out when I don't see their brats running around - and then she just turns away and lets them run off wherever they want to go. I swear... with all the perverts out now... it's no wonder that some kids get snatched up.

I was in a Wal-Mart and a little girl was pouting because she couldn't get anything. Instead of picking her up or spanking her... or ANYTHING they said "That's fine - just pout there" and they left her... on the OTHER side of the store - and the little girl after a while got up - looked around and started crying. At about 13 years old - I wasn't about to get involved - while parents are stupid and irrisponsible - they always love yelling at people (especially the ones that are trying to help).

With all the stupid things I've seen, I just want to say: Yay... GO parents! *sarcasm* I was thinking to myself: Wow... if a pervert were here right now... some people just don't need children... I think they should take these people - put em under - and take out all their reproductive organs with a shovel... morons.

Anyways - if I EVER see a kid who doesn't know what they are doing with an animal - and there parents aren't around - I normally just pick the cat or dog up - if they'll let me. I swear... parents these days... they just need to give their kids a good spanking (not beating btw) and tell their kids what's wrong. Or get involved in their kids life! I just don't want to have any of my own anymore... I've got to look out for everyone else's spoiled little brat.

I think I'll stick to my cats and other animals.
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I feel the same way as the rest of you. I too am childless, by choice. I can't stand to be around kids, they drive me crazy. I'd like to knock some sense into their parents for letting them behave they do. If I ever acted like that my parents would have let me know very quickly that it was unacceptable.
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Well, certainly are a lot of people who choose not to have kids. I would love to have kids someday.

When my nieces and nephews come over (I have 12, but usually they come over in groups of no more than 4), the first thing they want to do is play with the kitties. Of course, the kitties, don't usually want to play.

Kitty, who used to live with kids, usually hides right away. I tell the kids she's sleeping and that's that. I was so proud of Thomas though. MY THOMAS! Who bites all the time and seems to think claws into skin is a good combination, blithly allowing my 3 and 4 year old nieces to carry him know how they do, pretty much carrying him by the hind end, his head down near the floor or near the front end, with his front legs streached out and their arms practically around his neck. I watch very closely to make sure they don't hurt him. But I couldn't believe how placidly he just hung there allowing them to carry him around. After a while he decided he had had enough and ran away, but he came back for more after a while. I was so happy to have a cat who can put up with kids.

I just wanted to say some kids and parents are OK. They mostly listen if I decide one of the cats has had enough (like Kitty). And my sister says, "If he scratches or bites them, they'll learn to be more careful". Which I appreciate. I hate when you allow a kid to pet your cat and then when they get hurt, the parent acts like they can't believe you allowed that to happen.
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