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Tom Cat
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Groomer sheered whiskers!

I had my cat groomed today.. and when i went to pick him up they had told me they couldn't find a muzzle big enough to fit him, but done it anyway. They said Sugar pie gave them a really hard time, one of the girls had her thumb bandaged. lol.. :/ anyway.. he won't even let me brush him. I didn't want to take him but the shedding was getting bad and he needed a good clean and he doesn't let me do it. To the point.. She trimmed his whiskers down and they are half or more the size they were.
Maybe someone out there knows the answer to my question. Can this have any negative affects on him and if so, is there anything I can do?

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Yikes! I don't think I like that groomer. Why did they trim his whiskers? What a strange thing to do.

I don't think it'll have any negative effect on him. I believe they use their whiskers for spacial relations - fitting into spaces and such. And they'll grow back. My Boba's whiskers looked trimmed, or broken, when I got him, but two months later and they are already coming back.

My vet put Pfeffa under anesthesia to shave down her matted fur and the matte-prone spots because we all agreed it would be too stressful for the little nervous one to be shaved down with the loud machine. I'm not sure how the cost compares to a groomer, but everyone was much happier in the end.

You could try one of those grooming gloves on him...
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I don't like having wiskers trimmed. Some people feel it's part of the cut for dogs and cats. But it's not needed and just cruel I think.

I wouldn't take him back there, or if you get him groomed again, tell them not to do that.

Have you tried any calming products with him before taking him to be groomed? Rescue Remedy or Pet EZE, things like that?

I just had Isha groomed with a lion cut, and no her wiskers were not trimmed.
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i believe that the whiskers grow to be the same width as the cat's frame, as a way to serve as a balance mechanism and sensory organ... so maybe if they've been trimmed, your cat may start being a bit clumsy... i remember tyra's whiskers were quite short when we got her, and she would bump into the wall or fall off the table at times... but that could also be because she's a bit cross-eyed
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Sorry, but why did you have your cat groomed? Do you have a long-haired cat or does it help with shedding?

I have a DSH, and she sheds like crazy! I just can't keep up. I vacuum the furniture twice a week, and I'm always sweeping up wads of fur. When I brush her, it's as if it'll never stop coming!
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Tom Cat
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Well.. i got him groomed because he had very long hair and the shedding was out of control.. i brush him daily but he gets mad easy after like three minutes. But i figured most groomers would understand that. She is supposedly a good groomer from what i've heard.

Anyway I called her today and she told me that she did not shave/sheer them off but she used vaccum clippers or whatever they are called, that they could have broken off. I was hoping she was telling me the truth but either way they had a hard time doing the whole process with no muzzle. And to not have a muzzle on this 15 lb cat they did a pretty good job.

I was glad to hear that they will grow back soon, he has been laying around and stuff but thats probably where is tired and had all his hair cut off.. but he is starting to chill out a bit and get a little more relaxed.

When i have time, ill have post before and after pictures to share but can't promise that any time soon!
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Tom Cat
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One more question.. I havent tired the pet EZE or rescue remedy but sounds like a good idea. I am going to be moving soon, would this be something to help him stay relaxed during the move? He actually has moved a couple of times so he is used to it but thought maybe that might help him anyway. Where do you get this stuff at?

Thanks for sharing everyone!
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Cool Cat
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It's sad what happened, but i can tell you she probably did it by mistake. I once tried to cut Marsh's nails when he didn't want to. We wrestled, i did it anyway, but because i was trying to control him and trim his fronts at the same time, i cut one or two of his whiskers in half, totally by mistake, i didn't even notice it till much later.

They will grow out again, just next time either use a different groomer or try to tell them beforehand to be a little careful around his head
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Tom Cat
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I just noticed today that stupid groomer has put a cut on him that is as long as my index finger on his side and of course it put a gap of fur missing so when it grows back, will probably aggervate him. IS there anything i can use to sooth the cut and regrowth of hair here? From now on, I'll do some research before having him groomed again.

I am really upset at the point that they may have had a hard time cutting his hair which i am absolutely sure he fought them back, etc. If she didn't have a muzzle big enough to fit him, she should have called me and let me know. I would have went and got him and not put him through such torture He seems to be doing better, just a little slow, im sure his side hurts.

Should i call the lady that groomed him or anything?
Thanks to anyone that can help!
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I personally wouldn't go back to that groomer.
If your animal gets injured even on accident, they should TELL YOU.

With cat grooming, you either have to be competant in yourself to handle it, or a co-worker whom you can FULLY trust to help you. Most cats are much different then grooming a dog.

If they indeed had such a hard time with your cat, and were not prepaired with the appropriate tools aka a fitting muzzle they should have contacted you and told you they will not do it. This is for the safety of themselves and your cat. This is what RESPONCIBLE groomers will do.

You should clean the wound first with a warm wash cloth or cotton ball and perhaps a mild soap, then rinse it clean. Be VERY gental, you don't really need to apply any pressure. After you can apply a very small amount of triple action anti bacterial ointments, things like neosporine or A & D. And gently massage it into the cut. Just keep your eye on him for a while make sure he doesn't lick it off emidiatly, at any rate it would not hurt him to injest that small amount.
As far as his hair growing back, that all depends on the hair folicals, if the pores were damanged they will probably not come back unfortunatly. Though I suspect once his coat grows back out, it will not be noticeable.

I might be mistaken, but I thought for the most part that cat muzzles were more of a universal sizes (one size fits all). At least from my experience.

Make sure you look him over to check for any more damage, he's probably no worse for wear, but it still didn't sound like a good experience, and I would not use this groomer again.

It's your call to decide if you want to talk to them about the cut or not. Me I personally would, ask them about it first, if they make no claim then I would continue to make them aware of what had happened, and to be sure that the owner speaks with whomever was the groomer of your cat. These type of problems will get marked on their record. Typically if one person causes so many injuries, the employer will smarten up and realize this person is not fit for the grooming business and fire them.

Mistake or not, they should have reavaluated the situation with this particular cat.
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