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What can you teach a cat to do?

<-- This guy is really smart. I meant the cat, not the owner. And wouldn't you say your cat is too? So I was thinking, besides toilet training, which I will start as soon as he's a bit grown up, what other things can cats be taught to do? I already trained him to the sound of his fine china dish so if I have no clue where to find him I can just tap on his dish and he'll come running! But, what else?? Care to share your stories or ideas?

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I thought about teaching my cat to go on the toilet, but he gets kenneled about once a year and I doubt they would get him out of his cage to use the facilities.

A cat can learn many things. Mine knows his name and the sound of food/toy things that excite him.
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Things my cats know how to do

First off, we have them pretty well trained that they do not belong on the counters, dressers, coffee table, bathtub, etc. They can go on our bed and the couch. Every now and then they test us and all I have to do is say, "Uh uh" or "Off" and they get down.

We have this corner cupboard (triangle shaped shelves) in our kitchen that I didn't know what to do with when we moved in. So, I made it the kitty cupboard. Their catnip, treats, food, extra water filters, tuna, etc. goes in there. They know that so when it's time to eat, that's where they go. If their food bowl is empty Snowball will paw at me (kneading motion) til I fill the bowls. It's rather cute.

When the key hits the lock in the morning they RUN to the door like a stampede of elephants. My husband does their treats when he gets home in the mornings. I do feeding duty, he does treat duty.

Sometimes when I say "Ready to go night-night?" the cats come to bed. Usually they don't, but it's cute when they do. LOL!
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I make a sound like ('shh shh') when I'm about to feed him, 'cause he doesn't always come when I call him by his name. He goes outdoors during the day and when I make that sound he comes running back, wherever he is. People get really impressed, they think he's so obedient

He knows he can't go in the kitchen or in my parent's bedroom. It's amazing how quickly he learned that. If I'm in my parents' bedroom watching TV he'll just sit right outside the doorway waiting!

Dunno what else they could learn though
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All of my cats know their name,the sound of the food can,to use the litter box ect.Ive only trained 3 of mine.When I used to have hamsters,Liza was trained to leave them alone,Oreo has been trained to fetch,one of my cats,Milo that died a few years ago knew how to sit,fetch,and stand up on 2 legs.If you would say stand,he would stand up and walk a few steps.
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My tuxedo kitty knows how to fetch for me. But he only does it when "he" wants to play. He will bring me things to throw so he can go get them for me! He also knows how to sit up when I ask him to. Of coarse he always gets a treat if he does! very spoiled, very spoiled.

Both my kitties know verbal commands but alot of times they will ignore and I can hear them saying to themselves.. take a message, i'll consider doing it later.
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Cats are actually extremely trainable. You can teach them to fetch, sit, stay, jump on your shoulder, stand up and beg, meow on command, roll over, etc. Both Envy and Chaos come on command, will stand up on their back paws when I saw "up" and fetch. If you are serious about teaching your cat tricks I highly reccomend the book Cat Training in Ten Minutes. It's written by a woman who trains cats for Hollywood movies, TV, and commercials.
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I decided last week to teach Thomas some tricks, he is always so eagar to please and is very food motivated, so I figured it would work. (Whenever I try to get Kitty to do something she just looks at me like... "you've got to be kidding me") Either way, I was going to teach him to sit on command, but every time I call him, he comes over and sits. So, I decided instead to train him to stand up on his hind legs. Well...that sorta worked. Now when I say "Up" and hold out my hand, Thomas thinks the point is to touch his nose to my hand...not what I was going for, but close. He does it now with no food motivator present, and that was just after a few days. So, what do you think? I think next we're going to try for "Roll Over".
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My mom is always telling me how smart my cat is because he knows so many commands. I used to think it was because he grew up in a dog grooming shop. My shop was an exstension off my house and he was always in there acting like a dog. So I started treating him like one, and I can hear you guys already, but he LIKED it! He started getting in the cages, up on my table, in the tub, this crazy cat would get inside the cages with the dogs!! Most of the time he was as big if not bigger, than the pooches and they'd be afraid of him and he just took over my shop!! So I had to start teaching him some manners by way of commands. He is pretty smart cause he still will do things like sit, lay down, stay there, I'll be right back(I have to say that end part or he won't stay). He fetches those little super balls, has a toy box that he'll get whatever he's in the mood to play with out and bring it to me. He knows, 'wanna go outside?', 'want some grass?' 'come on lets go nigh-night' and one he doesn't want to cooperate wiyh anymore, 'time to take a bath'. I just started making him do the same thingd I would make the dogs do, and he did them. He just wanted to prove a cat point...not only could he do what they did...but even better!!

Call me crazy, but I also know what he wants by his exspressions. For sure he has me trained, too.
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Haha! Cute story! The night-night thing works with my cats sometimes. As far as the 'lay down' and 'stay' commands, Snowball is a bit of a trouble maker, so if I'm in bed and he's getting into things I just call him into the room and tell him, "Get up here. Come on." Most of the times he listens, but every now and then....

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