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Most annoying cat ever...feel bad

When a friend of mine passed over she left 2 kitty kats behind. Well, without a second thought, I knew they needed a new home...mine. BB King is a burmiess spelling? and Kitty KItty is a tabby. I changed his name to Egypt, something about calling kitty kitty I don't like. I already had Bugs, who was 13 and an indoor cat so I chose to keep the others as outside cats. I tried to allow them to be insiders, but Egypt was so wild and freaked out he was all over the place tearing up curtains and breaking lamps and all kinds of other stuff. He never was into being in a house,but I didn't know how much he hated it. Also, I never could get close to him, he just was a freaky cat. It wasn't until after about 3 months that I felt something barely rub up against my back while I sat on the front porch steps. Well, we are good buddies now, but I am the only human in the world he allows inside his. But that's not my problem...

It's the other one!! That cat won't leave me alone!! I feel bad because I'm beginning to not like him. He will NOT take NO for an answer. He is always, always, always, ALWAYS around and I can't enjoy some alone time in my favorite peaceful place outside. And that's a rare thing to have in my neighborhood, peace that is. I'm at the stage of yelling and pushing him away, and the more I do, the faster he comes back. I would like to be able to find a little old lady for him to attach himself to, but egypt and him are as close as two cats could ever be. And Egypt has rejection issues, and is almost impossible to get in a cage for a vet trip.

Any suggestions? I'm tired of not being able to 'sit and be still' the one place that is mine!

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Hehe just like a Burmese! They generally tend to constantly crave attention. If he really annoys you could you just go in a room and close the door? If that doesn't work i'm sure you could find a good home for him, he sounds like a very affectionate cat! You could try contacting your local humane society and ask them if they would post him on petfinder.
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Definitely Burmese, i heard they're sweethearts try to find him a new home among those who need attention most, elderly is a great idea
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I know what you mean. Baxter is about as clingy as a cat can get. He's a sweetheart but he always runs for my lap any time I sit down for any reason. He could be anywhere in the house and when he hears the sound of the recliner he makes a beeline for me. And then he continually gets up and walks on me, rubs on me, changes positions when I'm trying to relax and watch TV. Don't get me wrong, he's a great cat but poor Barnaby hasn't laid on my lap since I got Baxter. I've even tried closing Baxter in a room so Barnaby could have some time with me but he's gotten so used to not being on my lap that he doesn't even come to me. He used to lay on my lap and purr, sometimes sleep, every night. I'm wondering how I can get him on my lap again.
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Thanks, Payge, that's a great idea. I hope little Egypt could handle life without BB. He is a very strange cat, never known one anything like him. I wonder if depression from the dissappearance of a kitty kat friend to another kitty could be devestatingly unhealthy in any way? I wish I had a picture, but those two cats lay face to face together, forming into the shape of a heart. It's so sweet, they do that all the time.
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I'd take him if you were close... Of course... I would take any cat... if they were close... He sounds like such a sweetie! I love clingy animals - and so do lots of other people - I'm sure he'll find a good home if you looked for one. ^_^
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Burmies are pushy cuddle babies. But he may also be dealing with grief.
He has lost his master. When my husband died 4 years ago, his cat grieved for almost a year. He finally gave up. He was just never happy without Henry. He had always only tolerated me.
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Jr. Cat
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I don't know see why you are rejecting him, you should be proud he puts you ahead of anything else. I bet he feels heartbroken and unwanted, maybe he needs some good TLC.
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I don't reject him until I've had enough of his not stitting still, pushing up all over up under and around me, yelling at me cause I stop petting after 10 minutes or more, won't let me read write or relax. Simply put, he won't get out of my space when I want to be left alone! I certainly do it for them when they feel bothered.

And I do think it is part of a grieving process, cause he was alot worse when I first brought him and his friend home. But it has been almost a year now, and if he's not getting from me what he needs, maybe someone else can.
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Some cats are rather clingy, too bad you don't have the temperament for it. It was very kind of you to take the orphans in after your friend passed. I don't really have suggestions for you, but wanted to share my experiences. Your cat's probably going to stay clingy, so you'll have to think about what will make both of you happy.

My furrkids are all kinda clingy but Ginza is extra clingy. He follows me faithfully around the house 24/7, he needs to be in whichever room I'm in, we have scheduled cuddle times that can last up to an hour. He'll hurl himself at any closed door I'm behind, and he'll wail until he sees me. He'll spoon sleep with me, or shove my arm really hard at 4am to sleep under the covers over me or hubby. And we LOVE him to pieces.

You mentioned the more you shove him off, the faster he comes back. My Ginza needs constant reassurance from us, so whenever we see him we'll kiss him and tell him we love him, which seems to make him happy. Even when I'm in the middle of something and he taps me, I'll make smoochy sounds and tell him I love him, then he'll just sit still and watch me.

He's also the most intelligent and sensitive of my little brood. He understands "not now" when I want to be left alone to read my paper and drink tea. He'll sit still and wait for me to finish and give him a kissie.

If that sounds like yours, and you don't think you can take it, you've got some hard decisions to make. Good luck.
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