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Antigone's recovery process

Our 8 month old kitten Antigone has been in the vet since Dec 23. We brought her in to get spayed and that night when we brought her home, she was really weak still and refused to eat. In the morning she still wasn't eating so she was brought back to the vet and turned out she had a fever.

So over the week, she has been on IV, she's being force-fed b/c she won't eat on her own, and her temperature has been fluctuating. After doing a blood test and another viral test she's been found negative for all contagious viruses and bacterias. However, she's got a non-contagious virus in her liver and the veterinarians aren't sure of what it is or how she got it. The veterinarian just keeps saying that she's doing better every day when we call and also that she was starting to eat on her own.

Today we went to visit her and to be honest, she looked awful. I nearly burst into tears. She was swollen all over, she had a bit of an eye infection, her right front paw was so swollen and fat that she looked like she came from a cartoon. She just kept meowing and the veterinarian assured us that she wasn't in pain, but to me I think she was hurting - maybe not physically but in other ways. She looked so unhappy and her fur was unkept b/c she hasnt been grooming herself. They say that she was a changed cat this morning in that she was more active, the "escape artist" they called her, and also that if we werent there with her, she would not stay put on the table. Honestly, it's too hard to believe that b/c she just lay flat on the bed, meowing, as if she had no life in her. She couldnt even stand on her feet.

We are kind of skeptical of what the veterinarian is telling us and that maybe he's just trying to protect us from the truth. He even said that Antigone had a moment were she really scared the doctors when she wasnt doing well at all - this, they did not tell us on the phone, even though we called at least once or twice a day. He thinks that maybe it is a virus that was in her when she was born and b/c of the stress that brought on from the spaying, the virus may have flared up. Everything is uncertain at this point.

The breeder knows the veterinarians very well and she has never had any problems with her cats. Apparantly this is the first problem. And the day we first brought her home after being spayed, they told us that Tiggy was a healthy cat. If his hypothesis about this virus being in the cat from birth is true, then wouldn't all the kittens from the litter have it too?

Has anyone ever had any problems of this sort after having the cat spayed/neutered? We're really worried about her and she isnt looking well even though the veterinarian claims she is. She's been on IV for so long that we're unsure if she'd be able to fight the virus without it or maybe that she will continue to be weak and less active if she fights it. We wonder if she her personality will be different too... b/c she has always been a bit scared of people and she's only calm around my bf and I and Electra (the older cat). Hopefully she wont be even more skiddish and scared later on. She's very sweet and still very young so we definately hope for the best.

If anyone has any kind of information regarding this situation, it would truly be appreciated if you could let us know. Thnx for taking the time to read this lengthy post and also for sharing any helpful information.
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Sorry to hear what had happen to her ...I tryed to find something on that but I didnt have any luck so far..That does sound bit odd.Have they checked to see if they left a sponge in her maybe? because that can happen sometimes. Hope she be ok.
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I am so sorry darling...I don't know what to say, I have not had any problems after having a cat spayed, although I did have a kitten who was born with a liver disease and we found out when she went through a stressful situation because the stress triggered it and then she got sick. If you would like to talk with me more about this just give me a PM, if you have any other questions. It sounds a little similar to what my kitten went through, and I am here if you need me.

Try to think positive though, I know that our babies look much worse to us when they are sick, hopefully the vet is being honest and indeed your kitten is getting better. I will be thinking of you, and please keep us updated, I hope that she gets better.
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GJ's Mom - they did an x-ray on her so there wouldnt be anything left in her, although that is a weird and careless situation indeed

Puma - that does sound similiar to Antigone if the virus is from birth... the only problem is that we dont know exactly where this virus came from.

thanks for the support and I will keep in touch with you Puma if anything comes up. They say that they want to keep her for a couple more days. What's interesting is that they said that they wont be charging us, so it's kind of unusual to me.

Electra has been following us around everywhere in the house. I think she's lonely =(
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IMO, them not charging you sends up a big huge red flag in my book, like they KNOW they did something wrong, and if they don't charge you, you won't take legal or monetary action.

I dunno, that just sounds really fishy to me!
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Denim -

Yeah we know there is definately something unusual going on but as I said, everything is so unclear. Even if they did do something wrong and arent telling us, they are still doing everything they can do help her recover. I think they might charge us for the tests they conducted, but they havent mentioned anything about that yet.
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Its heart breaking to read about your kitten. Im so sorry. I have no ideas for you but maybe if this was moved by the mods to the Health and Behavior people who read and are knowledgable over there might have some ideas for you or dr jean. Again Im so sorry.. prayers for you sweet kitty.
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we found out today that she has hepatitis and it's something to do with a liver disorder. That's all the information I know though. We dont know how she got it either. I'm going to do some research a little later after I get home from work but if anyone has additional information, again, that would be truly appreciated.

I thank everyone for their support and wishes. At this point, we dont know what to do or expect. I just hope she's going to be okay.

[edit] I just want to add that she is an indoor cat and has never ran outside before.

[edit2] I looked up feline hepatitis and it isnt contagious, relates to liver inflammation, and may have the potential to be serious. But there's a couple different varieties of hepatitis and I'm not sure which one it is... definately not the chronic case though, and she's not overweight. I really cant put my finger on any of the ones I've looked up so far b/c the only symptom I know of is that she isnt eating on her own.
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Oh, poor baby! I'm be sending healing vibes to you & Antigone . ... aphic2.gif
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So very sorry to hear she has hepititus. Maybe knowing what it is it can be treated or controled? I didnt even know cat could get this. Sending prayers her way.. would like to hear more of what you learn
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