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Simon caught a mouse!!!

Somehow on Saturday, a mouse got into the house. (We later discovered another mouse). Anyway, I go into the bathroom to fix my hair and I hear one of my cats growling. I turn around and it was Simon (who never growls). I noticed that he had something, so I picked him up by the scruff and put him in the sink to get him to drop whatever he had. It was then that I noticed something running across my bathroom floor.

I wound up trapping the mouse under the trashcan and screamed for my husband to come and get it. It was just a baby, so we turned it loose in the field behind our house (I know, he'll probably come back).

I was completely amazed that my Simon is a mouser. I always thought he was kinda a "special" kitty, if you get my drift.

While it wasn't very funny at the time, I sure would have loved to been a fly on the wall to see the drama unfold....
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Jr. Cat
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this is one of the reasons I love cats.......

at least those who catch mice. When i was a little girl I used to feed a feral cat, and it got to the point I would let it come in the house and play, We h ad mice and there would be times a mouse would run by him and he would just look and keep on walking.I got a cat because of a mouse in my apt, it was caught, but since having the cats no more mice. yeh. Go Simon!
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Cool Cat
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They WILL amaze you! I remember thinking that the only way Assumpta would ever catch a mouse was if it tripped over her paw, knocked itself out on her teeth, and fell into her mouth while she was sleeping. She is SO lazy when it comes to playing with her mousie toy...but the first time I saw her catch a mouse, it was scary how fast and lethal she was. It was about 3AM, and we were all in bed asleep. Out of nowhere, she just rocketed off the bed and skidded across the floor halfway across the room, grabbing the mouse as she slid by him. She is an absolute brute with mice, the poor little guys don't stand a chance.

Wait until Simon starts trying to feed live mice to you while you're sleeping!
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Yay! Congrats that you have a great mouse catcher in the house! My cat gets to chase any roaches that venture in from outside. We are protected


Cats were once worshipped like gods. They never let us forget that.
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Originally Posted by Gudewife
Wait until Simon starts trying to feed live mice to you while you're sleeping!
I don't let the cats sleep with us at night, thank goodness. I'd completely freak out if a mouse made it into the bed with me, live or otherwise.
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Cool Cat
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It is pretty icky. Assumpta always announces her nighttime mousies by walking around the bed making this very muffled meow until we wake up (because her mouth is full, you see). Thus far, she hasn't brought one to bed, but she did try to feed me one while I was sleeping on the couch one night...I was waiting for my husband to come home, and awoke to something brushing my cheek. When I opened my eyes, the cat was sitting on my chest, one paw on my face, and a live mouse in her mouth, trying to feed me (the mouse's leg and tail were twicthing on my cheek). Luckily, I am slow to wake up completely, so I did NOT levitate six feet off the couch (though I did go and wash my face really well after Mr. Mouse was taken outside and released ). Another time, we were gone overnight and came home to a very proud kitty sitting next to three dead mice, very neatly lined up on the kitchen floor so that we would see them as soon as we walked through the door.

Life with cats...always interesting.
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Since mice stories are cool my previous cat puppett( i getta pic scanned soon) loved to bring me anything he could catch. You see he was an outdoor kittie (he had a thing for marking his territory too much to be an indoor kittie-though he was neutered (sp?) ) and he was a BIG kittie. about the size of a small dog but lean and strong. He was so sweet! Except the animals he brought me. Lets see i got mice (always dead), rats (dead and alive), bunnies (unfortunatly, and always dead), snakes (dead and alive), bugs galore his favorite was moths, chipmunks, and squirrels. pretty much anything that was smaller than him. I think there could have been a few dogs if he gave that fight more than 5 min. but the presents were always by the front door next to his bed and his dinner dish......never near the water dish. he'd proudly sit and wait for me to either come home or go outside to see him and then he would show them off...moving them with his paws and acutally turning them over so i could inspect them. He was a silly kittie. on accident he brought a rat home (which i thought was a bunny) still alive, i went to rescue it and the rat bit me and then my not the sharpest crayon in the box brother picked up the rat and it bit him too.....Puppett made sure from that day on that he killed all the presents. He was such a good kittie....miss him terribly, though i have daizy and i adore and love her to death puppett is always with me. Anyway before the waterworks get going, there's my mice/animal present story. Lucky for me the most action daizy gets is that she can chase a moth or little bug that creeps inside once and a while!
~bekki and daizy and at the rainbow bridge Pupett~
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Cool Cat
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Caught a mouse!

Since we don't have a cat flap, Jimmy can't surprise us with unwanted gifts. But last night when I got home there was a big dead rat on the path, right outside the front door. I think a certain Ginger Gentleman might be responsible!
When I got in the flat he was there looking very fluffed up and pleased with himself. (Partner had just let him in - but through the back door so he didn't see the rat)
Its only the second time he has left us an offering, but on several occasions I've seen him catching small helpless creatures in the garden

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