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Neighbors making me nervous

Well, I took in this stray cat a few weeks ago (really long story) to have her babies inside instead of out in the 2 degree weather, and one of my dumb neighbors has been telling people I have the kittens inside. I've had three people stop by just tonight asking about them! My boyfriend told them the babies are gone, so hopefully these people won't come back.

I haven't told anyone but the small group of people I know that they are inside, but someone has been telling them about these babies. Now I'm just afraid the apartment manager is going to find out before I can find homes for the kittens, and I'm going to be in trouble....uggg. I've been wanting to move out of here because the people around here are really creepy (and crappy), but the rent is so affordable for such a large place that it's been difficult finding something comparable. I just don't want to do it before I find something else!!! Am I stressing out over nothing??
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No, you're not stressing over nothing. It could be a potential problem. But I don't think you should worry too much.

If I were you, I'd tell the original group of people you confided in about the cats that you dropped the kittens off at a shelter. Maybe whoever spread the word around to the neighbors will think that they are gone and stop talking about them.

To alleviate your worry, I'd start trying to think of a place you could send the kittens in case you are discovered.
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Before I brought the pregnant cat inside, I talked to a local pet shop about taking them, which they will, but the kittens have to be weaned before they will take them. I started weaning them last week, but I think it may take another week or two before I can do anything. It just sucks that you try to do something good and help an animal, and it completely backfires.

Anyway, my grandma has a house for sale up the street, where I guess I could take them and keep them in the basement or something and go by a few times a day to feed them until they are old enough to leave their mother. I can't stand people sometimes...I mind my own business and leave people alone, so why do they feel the need to bother me?
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I understand how you feel and I'm so sorry about your situation. I hope things work out and all the babies get loving homes. Best to you!
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I would be very careful, my ex and I got evicted from an apartment for this very reason, because someone couldn't mind their own business.

If you have a friendly landlord, you could always fib a little, and tell them that there was a "family emergency" and your *insert misc family member here* had to leave town for a week and left you with a mama and some babies, and you just wanted to let them know, but they will be gone in X amount of time. MOST landlords that aren't totally evil will understand, and may actually be glad that you let them know.

I know MY landlord would go for it, but I've had some nasty ones too

Good luck!
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Yeah, we have the only apartment out of 65 units that isn't Section 8 (kind of a crappy part of town but a nice apartment complex), so there have been several shady characters that have moved in and out, but a fairly solid group of people who have been here a few years.

Anyway, we have a new landlord, but the last apartment manager said we could have cats. I know several people who have animals (including the maintenance man!), so I don't know what they would do if they plan on getting rid of the people with them. And I don't know if the people were being vindictive coming by and asking to see if I actually had them, or if someone was trying to help me get rid of them, but I don't like it that my neighbors didn't come by to ask me about it first.

I haven't had a lease in more than two years, so they could ask me to leave if they really wanted to, but in my mind, it wouldn't really make sense for them to evict someone who pays on time every month, doesn't cause trouble in the neighborhood, etc., etc., and then take a chance on someone who they don't know their rental history. I also think the other neighbors who I know fairly well will back me up, considering that I've been TNRing some of the other cats around and found homes for several others.

I don't think I'll be answering the door for the next few weeks unless I know who is coming over to avoid any other nosy neighbors. Guess we'll just wait to see what happens with the landlord -- at least my rent is paid through the month, so I can avoid going into the office for a few weeks. She may be so new that she doesn't want to handle that type of complaint yet, or she may want to make an example of me. At least I tried to help these little guys out
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One thing that might help (having landlorded myself) is if you had momma and kittens in a large, comfy cage to show that they're not getting run of the house. A local shelter or the pet shop you're dealing with may be able to provide you with the loan of a crate/cage large enough for mom and kittens just until they're weaned. If I was a landlord (again), the fact that they're caged would make me far more amenable to giving you some leeway in keeping them there temporarily (also, if you have a written agreement with the pet shop, have that in hand, as well, to prove that you are, in fact, only a temporary guardian.
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They really aren't getting run of the house -- I have been keeping them in my bathroom and letting them in the bedroom to play a little bit in the evening. I guess if the landlord shows up, I will show them the living quarters.

That's a good idea about the pet store putting something in writing. I'll get back in touch with them today to see if they will. I've been trying hard to find them homes, putting ads on petfinder and asking my friends to ask their friends, etc. I just don't want the babies to get in the wrong hands, as I've been trying hard to get them good homes. I just need a few more weeks before I can get them all out of here...
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Oh crap, there is a random apartment inspection tomorrow!!! I have no idea what I'm going to do.

My grandma has a house for sale a few streets over, so I'm trying to find someone who has a key so I can take the mama and kittens over there during the day tomorrow. If I can't find a key, I don't know what to do... Too bad the apartment people are coming in the morning -- I have a vet appointment for the kittens in the afternoon.

Maybe I'm over reacting, but this has really become a nightmare. I just wanted to help her out so she wouldn't be euthanized at the pound. Now I'm afraid I'm going to be evicted.
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Back in my old apartment, when I just had Punky and wasn't allowed to have cats I figured out a way to work around my inspection.

I don't know how well the landlord knows you, but mine didn't know me at all. So, I made up some mumbo jumbo about working midnights and said that I came home and slept all morning. I made them give me a one hour window of when they'd come, I told them I'd be awake for it. They finally told me between 9 and 10am, so at 8:45 I put Punky in the carrier and we drove around for an hour and a half.

Good luck to you, I know it's tough but you really are doing a wonderful thing.
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