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cat and new puppy

I need some help please. I got a Tonkinese cat a year ago. At the time I also had a 10 year old golden retriever. The cat ( as a kitten ) wanted to play with the dog, but the dog had no interest. My dog died recently and now I have a 14 week old Havanese puppy. The puppy wants to play with the cat but the puppy chases the cat and puppy bites him.
Dexter ( the cat ) tolerates it to a point and then swipes at the puppy or bites back. The puppy has yelped a few times but comes back for more.
I spoke to a trainer who told me not to let the puppy chase the cat.
Now I have the puppy on a leash all the time and don't let him get near the cat. The cat comes up to the puppy looking like he wants to play, but I keep them apart. Will they ever be able to play together ( meaning chase each other ) and not bite or swipe? Also, I don't know cat signs. What does a swishing tail mean. Thanks.
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Swishing tail means the cat is irritated and on guard...
I am not familiar with the breed pf dog you mention.
I would start training sessions with the puppy everyday, start several feet away give him a corrective pop and a firm "No Kitty" when he makes a motion for the cat. Follow with a reward when he returns to you.
Gradually work your way closer to the cat.
Your cat needs to have dog free zones and escape routes too.
I have trained my dogs that they are not allowed in the lower level.
I also have a cat tower and cat shelving for my cats to get away from the dogs if they want to.

My Bosco was killed by a dog last I think this is kinda serious. You have to desensitize your puppy to the cat. Dogs have different levels of prey drive and if this puppy is nipping at the cat,
that is not a good sign. In my opinion.
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I agree with BoscosMum. These things take some work and time. Goodluck and hang in there.
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Dogs can have very bad effects on a cat, especially if it's an unruly puppy

I know friends who got two purebred persians. One they purchased outright, the other was purchased by a friend of theirs but given to them because they no longer could take care of it. Their cat is perfect, outgoing and friendly. Unfortunately, the unwanted cat went to a home with 2 young boys and 3 dogs and he's completely unnerved. You have to physically hold him to even show the cat to people, his only instinct is to run.

I'd say never, even let the puppy chase the cat, and make sure you provide high ground, like cat furniture, for the cat to escape too... and like gudewife said, do start puppy training right away.
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I have 2 dogs with 5 cats, and apart from initial teething problems, have luckily had no problems. The puppy has to learn that it is unacceptable to chase the cat, but they should not be kept apart at all times. With the pup being so young, he should learn pretty quickly that a cats claws mean business!

Both parties should have somewhere to escape the other, and the cat needs safe places to eat, sleep and go to the toilet. I would recommend a strategically placed baby gate (mine is on my kitchen doorway) that the cat can easily get through/under/over, and a dog crate. When the dog gets too boisterous/noisy, and wil not stop after a firm 'NO', in the crate for a time-out. Although the crate should be treated as a safe den, not a punishment. Both my dogs love their crates, and choose to sleep in them though the doors are never closed now.

Btw, Havanese are cute dogs, never seen a pup though so would love to see a pic! As far as breeds go, toy dogs tend to get on best with cats, due to their small size and general social nature, so I do think once your pup has matured a little things will greatly improve.

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Thank you all for your help. Sorry, I seem to have posted in the wrong
place. My cat has many places sto escape the puppy. The puppy is not going to be big ( 12 lbs-15 lbs.) I specifically got a Havaneses because they like all other animals and children. Also, he will be the size of my cat when fully grown. It's clear my new pup just wants to play. He crouches down in the "play position". The pup is learning not to chase the cat, but I think the cat wants to play. The cat comes right up to the dog and almost touches the dog's nose. I think he misses his former dog, my golden retreiver who died 10 months ago. I thought of my cat when I chose the dog and tried to pick the best breed for the cat. That is also why I got a puppy. I knew if any dog would get along with the cat it would be a puppy. I think in time things will be good. We've only had the puppy for 3 weeks.
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I think you got a lot of good advice. Now we want to see this cute puppy!
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