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Cats and collars

My cat is male 8 months, black. He's a sweet but big and keeps growing. Getting to the point, my husband is a dog lover and I am a cat lover. Are argument at the moment is, a collar on the cat. The dog HAS to have a collar doesnt a cat HAVE to have a collar too.. is his argument. But our cat is strictly an indoor cat and I dont see any reason why he needs a collar and beside that point he has gone thru two already and why buy another one. We've gotten the saftey collar with the elastic strap on it so if push came to shove he could get it off. So... I was just proding for opinions on if we should collar him or .. not.
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If your cat is absolutely an indoor cat, and there's no chance he'll get out, then he doesn't need a collar, IMO.

My cats are all indoors, and don't have collars on them. I only put them on when I take them outside for whatever reason: vet, travelling, etc.

I was so freaked out one day when Mozart got his collar around his jaw trying to get it off. That's when I took all their collars off.
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Well, my cats don't have collars YET, but I'm still thinking about it. There's always the chance they MIGHT get out, and I don't want them ending up being picked up as a stray.

I haven't yet found out if microchipping is a viable alternative. It would be, if local authorities routinely scan animals picked up, but I haven't gotten around to finding out, yet.
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I would go with the collars. There's story after story after story on here about cats that "somehow" got out A collar is your best chance that someone will recognize him as a pet, not a stray, and know who to contact.

I have four cats, they all wear Lupine caty safety collars. General rule of thumb is adjust them loose enough for two fingers to fit between, too tight for lil' jaws . Though there is an initial "freak out" period, they usually settle down within a day or two, and I've never had a problem with my kitties' collars. They have tags, too, with: name, "REWARD", and home #.

It's an extra security measure, better for your peace of mind, and he won't mind it. Really
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Our cat has a tag on his collar. I sent my husband out for kitty litter one night and to get the tag;when me and the kitty where first bonding. The cats name is Kahn my husband came back with a tag that say CON my cell phone number and our address. But at least it gets the point across.
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My 2 have collars. They were both microchipped at the shelter before we got them, but not everyone will think to have them checked for a chip if they find them on the street, so I put collars on them. Neither one acted up when I put the collars on, so I don't know if they wore them in their previous homes or not.

I live in an apt. and it is required that they are kept up to date with rabies shots and stuff, so I have their rabies tags and a name tag on their collars. Plus, there is always the risk they might sneak out.
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Our cats are indoor cats only and are only allowed outside with us accompany them. Then we put on a harness so we can put them on a leash. If, by a freak accident, they get out and someone finds them, they can contact the police and have their chips scanned. Most people know that purebreed cats are chipped as kittens, so they would contact the police.

But now that we've moved to a house and not living in an apartment building (condo's), we might reconsider it during the summer. At least have a tag that says "I've got an ID chip, take me to the police".

During the summer I know they like the sun and might be curious of the outside. During the winter they snear at an open window or door. Too cold!
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Mine are strictly indoor cats. They all have collars and tags, just in case they get out. WHich by the way (2) two of them did get out last month. Of course they hopped right back in the window they broke to get out, but if they had gotten lost I would have felt better knowing they had their collars on.
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both of mine are strictly indoor cats also, but one has escaped (luckally each time we've been able to grab him) they both have collars. my tabby will wear bandanas too! (I lost our family dog over the summer and she would get bandanas everytime she got one night we decided to get a picture of them with matching bandanas on........the tabby didn't seem to mind it at all, so he still gets them put on when I remember it's more af a "tribute" to my dog)
my mom's cats are both indoor cats, one wears a collar, the other does't. her tabby will manage to get his collar off in 5 minutes!!
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Cool Cat
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Assumpta is indoor-only and doesn't wear a collar because she keeps breaking and shredding them, but I still haven't stopped trying. Most people, when they find a cat, don't think to scan for a chip, but a collar is a visible symbol that the cat belongs somewhere. Depending on where you live, a collar could mean the difference between life or death in a shelter.

Assumpta does have a collar tag, but it's an enormous dog tag. I was standing at the shelter's booth at the fair last year, and the director was teaching someone how to use the tag engraver...she said "Hey, what's your cat's name?" so I went over and gave him the information to do the tag, only to find out that he was using the biggest dog tag we have. Assumpta would fall over frontwards if I put this tag on her.

So it's on my keychain. I happened to leave my keys at the cash register at a store once (which is hard to do, as I have a huge wad of keys), and the cashier ran out after me, calling "Assumpta! You forgot your keys!" My husband had a grand laugh over that one.
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